Drosera scorpiodies- rare- carnnivorous- fly trap- mosquitos


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Drosera scorpioides carnivorous plant from Southwest Australia

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Drosera scorpioides is part of a group referred to as “pygmy drosera”. They are tiny, jewel-like carnivorous plants from Southwest Australia. Most are around the size of a nickel, but D. scorpioides reigns supreme as the largest pygmy sundew and is also known to be the fastest closing trap in the drosera genus. They can grow up to 2-3″ tall over the course of several years if they are not exposed to extreme temperatures. Pictures shown in a 2.75″ pot for scale. There are multiple plants per plug. Plant will be ship potted.

All drosera require mineral-free water, distilled, rain or R.O. If your tap water is relatively pure (less than 50 parts per million in dissolved minerals), then you can safely water your drosera. Otherwise, you can use distilled bottled, reverse osmosis, rain. Keep the soil wet at all times by growing on a tray with at least 1” of water, and adding more water as it evaporates. You can let the tray dry for a day.

 Tropical drosera- includes carpensis, aliciae, spatulate, Marston’s Dragon, binata, scorpioides, and intermedia.Tropical drosera originate from warm climates of the world. South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and South America are all hotspots for tropical Drosera. In their native habitat, frost never or rarely occurs, and it never snows. Their preferred habitat is mostly open, wet fields, or cliff-side seeps with thin, weak soil where they can get lots of sunlight.

Here in So. Cal we can easily grow them outdoors all year round. And depending where you live, with certain adjustments, you probably can too. Provide partial to full sunlight (several hours of direct sunlight with bright light during the rest of the day will do. Avoid full shade. If indoors on a sunny window is possible, you may need to supplement with good quality full spectrum grow lights.

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Drosera scorpiodies- rare- carnnivorous- fly trap- mosquitos


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