Phalaenopsis venosa

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Phalaenopsis venosa is native to Sulawesi and is a medium-sized, warm growing epiphyte with a short stem and lengthened, fleshy, flexuous, glabrous, green at the tip roots. Also known as the Veined Phalaenopsis it blooms in the spring, summer, and fall from the erect, 5″ to 9″ long, single or branched with 3 to 5 flowering inflorescence featuring triangular, obtuse, concave floral bracts.


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Live orchid plants or orchids in pots bring an enlightenment garden into your home, give you a sense of peace and help the air quality around you. Plant decor can set a native tone for any room. An exotic plant adds that extra splash of color, fragrance, and natural charm to an indoor tropical garden.

The plant has a compact habit, with medium size, wide green leaves. The individual flower of this plant is small (3.5 cm wide), fragrant and mostly violet. Some varieties of this plant have some green color on the tepal edges. When mounted, leaves grow so that older, lower leaves are shifted towards the sides while new growth points downwards, in order to expose as much surface area to sunlight. Potted plants do not display this growth habit, so it is often recommended that plants be grown mounted to best expose leaves to the light.

🌱 Plant Details
▸ Not cloned to our knowledge. The flower may vary from the first photo.
▸ This is a young plant (not seedling, not fully mature)
▸ They are not currently in spike or bloom and will need several years to mature.
▸ These plants are about 3″ tall with good growth and strong roots.
▸ The first photo is representative of the flowers. All other photos are representative of the plants for sale.
▸ Shipped in a 2″ basket.

🪴 Care Guide
▸ Light Requirements: Bright, but no direct sunlight.
▸ Water-Humidity: Water when almost dry. Ideal humidity is in the 50% range. For increased humidity, maintain good air movement.
▸ Fertilizer: Fertilize every time they are watered with a balanced fertilizer at half the recommended strength.
▸ Potting: Use Sphagnum Moss in warm and humid areas and bark-type mixes in cooler and dryer environments.

Note: Live orchid plants grown from seeds have unique flowers and are not exactly like each other. To have an exact flower you need to have a division or clone of the flower you are looking for.

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$23.85$26.50 (-10%)

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