Dutch Guy Orchids LLC
Dutch Guy Orchids LLC

Dutch Guy Orchids LLC

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I’m an orchid lover that spends the majority of my free time with my plants. What better way to spend more time with the plants than to start an orchid business? I’m located in eastern Pennsylvania and care for my green babies in my home. I have a grow room that provides the care each orchid I care for needs. If you have questions, please ask, I love to talk about orchids! “Healthy orchids are the goal, happy orchids are the passion!”

The shop logo is a Double Distelfink (Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Symbol).

The Distelfink is the good luck bird of the early Pennsylvania Dutch. The two birds give a “double measure of good fortune. The Trinity orchids stand for faith in yourself, faith in what you do, and faith in your fellow man. The scalloped border symbolizes ocean waves for smooth sailing through life.