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Jonah's Garden

Jonah's Garden

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    Dewell Nitz

    The plant came exactly as expected, multiple pads, and rooted well in it’s pot definitely worth the price I’m excited to get it outside and growing!

    String of HeartsString of Hearts

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    Very well pleased with the plant. It arrived healthy with packing

    Calathea DottieCalathea Dottie

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    Samantha Kiss

    Just awesome! Definitely a new favorite shop. Was way better than what I was expecting! 🙂

    Philodendron MicansPhilodendron Micans

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    My plant came in perfect health!

    String of HeartsString of Hearts

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    Blanca Rosas

    Arrived in great condition and they’re beautiful! I’m so happy with this purchase!

    Calathea MakoyanaCalathea Makoyana

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    Brenda Gooley

    I love it. Arrived very quickly and was in excellent condition!!!

    Pickle plantPickle plant

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    Packaged really well. Honestly the best deal on a ppp I’ve ever seen. Wasn’t over priced for the whole plant and it was in very good condition.

    Philodendron 'Pink Princess'Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’

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    Just received my package and the plants are amazing! Ordered on Friday and they were delivered on Monday (even close to the holidays and during Covid). The seller was super nice and these plants are beautiful. Thank you!

    Bonnie Spider PlantBonnie Spider Plant

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    Sophie G

    This plant is awesome! Arrived a tiny bit crumpled up, but otherwise no issues. Once I watered and had it out for a few days it’s looking normal and happy 🙂

    Philodendron GoeldiiPhilodendron Goeldii

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    Steph Curt

    Very nice plant, arrived in good condition, well protected.

    Pilea peperomioidesPilea peperomioides

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