Sun + Food + Water + Care = Growth

Life begins the day you start a garden...

Maranta Lemon in action!
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One of the few celebrities that cares about our planet. ✨🙌🏻

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Introduce your child to plants with the wonderful world of dinosaurs! 🦖🌱

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Happy Thursday! Here’s three fur heroes to inspire you plant today! 💚✨ Give them a tap ❤️

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"ECC started as a way to share my passion for cacti & succulents with like-minded individuals, and to create a collective of knowledge to empower beginner collectors to tackle the daunting challenge of collecting rare and seemingly difficuit plants.

Our products are made with the beginner collector in mind, in an attempt to simplify the learning curve of cacti cultivation.

We aim to make rare cacti and succulents such as Copiapoa, Ariocarpus, Turbinicarpus, Pachypodium and others easy to own and care for by offering them for sale in the United States, along with the right potting soil and cultivation information via our media outlets, Youtube and Instagram."


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Ever heard of a dynamite tree? It's a tree built to kill.

These fruits may function as seed bombs when not being gathered as desk decorations. Humans and animals caught in the crossfire of a constant seed assault may still be severely injured. These seed grenades are, thankfully, reasonably foreseeable and hence preventable.

The sandbox tree is thickly coated from top to bottom with needle-like, knife-like points. Thus, monkey cannot ascend (and hopefully nothing else tries to climb it either).

The sandbox tree depends on a weapon that has lasted the test of time: poison.

Do you remember those fruit bombs? Even if they do not explode and kill you, one bite might cause severe cramping, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The thick, crimson sap that the sandbox tree secretes is extremely hazardous, causing a skin rash upon contact and temporary blindness if it enters the eye.

The plant is currently considered invasive in East Africa due to its explosive and effective method of seed dispersal.

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TGIF! Time for your next haul? 😎

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Who says snake plants are boring?

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Plants, many you consider beautiful and few you call ugly. But let’s not forget that our green friends are much more than the beauty they bring. Happy Monday! 🫶🏻💚✨

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Tag someone who’s really SAD right now 🥹

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GIVEAWAY ALERT! You only have until tonight to join!

How to win this halfmoon albo (for CA resident) and this gorgeous adansonii mug by @well.traveled.wares:

1. follow the Instagram account: greenpunches

2. Tag your friend in their Instagram posting (each tag = 1 entry).
No limit

3. Comment in their Instagram posting either you're in CA or Outside CA

A winner will be announced on Sat, July 30. They will post and tag
the winners!!

** They won't ask for any payments or your credit cards. Watch out
for scammers**

“The rare plant community has given me so much happiness and showing me such kindness. I hope it will do the same to you! Thank you for your support!”

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That rock pot though 🧐😍

“Good mix = good drainage 👍😍 I’m experimenting with tap watering some plants, rather than only rainwater which is my go-to. Just to see if I find any adverse effects of tap 💦 What sort of experiments are you currently doing, and what plants do you use as “crash dummies”?”

Credits to @eastcoastcamanchaca

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