Once the buyer has successfully made a purchase, the seller is responsible to deliver the product. All purchases have an automatic cool-off period of ten (10) days, counted from the date where the product was received by the buyer, as indicated by the courier service. After such period, all purchases are automatically accepted and will remain final. After the cooling-off period, money from the purchase will be transferred to the seller’s account. However, in the rare occurrence that if after ten (10) days the dispute is not resolved, Plantly may intervene as a last resort. It is our goal is to resolve any disputes as quickly as possible while being fair to both parties. If you are concerned about the refund policy, please ask the seller before you make your purchase. For more information, please take a look at our Mediation Section. Our refund policy varies from seller to seller. We recommend our sellers put their return policy on their profile pages, setup through their vendor dashboard. In general, we honor a full refund or a partial refund, based on all evidence we collect from each party. In almost all cases, however, buyers and sellers will settle the dispute among themselves, as we are all here for the same reason — we love plants. In the case of a refund, the buyer will receive the full price of each order back, less our service fees and any merchant fees. In such case, the seller would not receive any amount at all. Once the refund is approved, Plantly will transfer the refund within no less than fifteen (15) days from the date our systems approve the refund or when the merchant approves the refund, whichever occurs later. Buyer should include a description of the items in question, including the reason Buyer is seeking a refund, Buyer’s name, address, account information, payment details, and product(s) along with images of the shipping package, the product, and any defects or shipping damages. Buyer should keep in mind that Buyer will generally have to pay for the shipping and/or insurance on the shipment back to seller.

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