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About Aglaonema:

Aglaonema genus belongs to the family Araceae and sub-family Aroideae. They are also known as Chinese evergreen. Their species varies between 21 to 24. They are slow growers and grow up to 4 feet. Asia and new gunnie are their homelands. It has two main parts, spathe, and spadix. The male flower is present at the top of the spadix and the female at the bottom. It was introduced to Europe in 1885 and to America in 1930. Plantly has Aglaonema on sale online which can be ordered from anywhere in the US.

Aglaonema Care:

It needs bright but indirect light. It should be kept away from doors to protect it from the wind. Let the soil dry up to 50% and then water it. Fertilize 2 times per month. The ideal temperature is 18 to 27 degrees centigrade. It requires high humidity in summer and the cleanliness of leaves from propagates through the separation of daughter plants. The soil should be water permeable and well-drained. Repotting is necessary in case of change of leaves color into yellow and rotten roots.

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