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About Argyranthemum:

The scientific name of the genus os Argyranthemum. It is commonly known as Cobbitty Daisy, Marguerite Daisy, Dill Daisy, and Paris Daisy. Paris Daisy is a flowering plant. It has 23 species of subshrubs. It belongs to Family Asteraceae. Its height ranges from 2-3 feet. It has a daisy-like white flower with yellow center disks. Cobbitty Daisy is grown on Canary Island, the Savage Islands, and Madiera. It is grown on garden beds and borders as well as in garden containers. Plantly is offering the best online sale deals for Argyranthemum lovers. Check them out NOW!

Argyranthemum Care:

This genus prefers full sun exposure but can also grow in half shade. Well-drained soil rich in organic matter is needed. It requires an average amount of water to grow but watery soil can damage them. The ideal temperature for these plants ranges from 30-40 F. the suited zone is 10-12. Late summer is the peak bloom time. Fertilize them once every three weeks. This genus does not have any serious insect or disease problems. Humans and pets are safe around them.

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