Epidendrum For Sale Online

About Epidendrum:

With scientific name as Epidendrum, this genus belongs to the family of Orchidaceae and the sub-family of Epidendroideae. Some of the common names are Star Orchids, Crucifix Orchids, and Reed Orchids. This genus contains more than 1500 species due to which it is well known as mega-genus. Some species have large swollen stems with two or three leaves while others have a long but thin stem. Epidendrum lovers find it difficult to find many of Epidendrum species for sale online but Plantly is going solve this issue very soon.

Epidendrum Care:

Epidendrums are easy to care for just like other orchids. It prefers medium to bring indirect light. Lush green leaves color indicates that an appropriate amount of light is being provided. Reduced flower production means that it is not getting enough light and brown leaves means it is getting excessive light. Temperature requirements varies but usually most species likes interior conditions and can tolerate temperature as low as 50 degree Fahrenheit. 50%-70% humidity is appropriate. It should be watered regularly like almost everyday.

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