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About Hypoestes:

Hypoestes is the scientific name. It is commonly known as Polka dot plant and freckle face. It belongs to the Acanthaceae family. Hypoestes genus has 150 species mostly found in South Africa, Madagascar, and South East Asia. It is a houseplant. Its leaves are oval-shaped. Leaves of the Hypoester can be green, creamy white, pink, or red. Its flowers are Lilac or pink in color. Summer or early fall is the best time to grow these plants. You can order your favorite Hypoestes plants from the sale online at Plantly!

Hypoestes Care:

This genus grows best in bright, filtered light, but tolerates some sun. For these plants, room temperatures between 65-80 degrees F are ideal. It grows better with plenty of water. It prefers a humid environment. Fertilize once a month with a high-quality organic fertilizer prepared for houseplants. Polka dot plant gets leggy quickly. It prefers the 10-11 hardiness zone. These plants are non-toxic.

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