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About Oncidium:

Oncidium is the scientific name. Some of its common names are Dancing lady orchids, tiger orchids, golden shower orchids, and bee orchids. Oncidium has 300 known species. It belongs to Family Orchidaceae. Oncidiums are mostly found in Central and South America, Mexico, the West Indies, and even Florida. It has long spikes or long spray-shaped flowers. They are yellow and brown in color. The plant extends up to 10 feet in height and spread up to 2 feet. If you are an Oncidium lover, get benefit from the limited online sale stock, ORDER NOW!

Oncidium Care:

Part sun and part shade are ideal light but prefer bright sun in the initial stage. Ideal temperature at daytime ranges from 75-85 F and 60-65 F at night. A temp below 50F will slow down its growth when exposed for a long time. Water every 2-3 days in the early stage. Reduce the frequency of watering when it starts to grow up. Water when the soil looks dry. Fertilize regularly while plants are actively growing. Re-pot after 1-2years if necessary.

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