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About Salix:

Salix genus belongs to the family Salicaceae. It is found in northern temperate regions. Salix consists of more than 400 species.  It is famous for its shades, control of erosion, and timber. All species have alternatives, which are usually narrow leaves and catkins. The seeds have long and silky hair. Their plants are fast-growing and can achieve heights up to 1.5 meters. It is non-toxic and edible. Check out the Salix for sale online deals at Plantly if you are a Salix lover!!!

Salix Care:

Plants of this genus can survive in both full sun and indirect light. Moist soil is more favorable to them so requires frequent water. They can tolerate temperature ranges from 16 to 25 degrees centigrade in summer and 0 to 10 in winter. Salix plants can propagate through both cutting and seed. It is open to fungal infections like leaf blight, spot blight.  Its disease can be cured by neem oil or copper fungicides to eliminate this issue as well. Branches of these can crack during winter

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