Sansevieria For Sale Online

About Sansevieria:

The Sansevieria genus is commonly known as Dracaena. They are commonly known as snake plants due to their long leaves and narrow heads. It belongs to the Asparagaceae family. It consists of more than 70 species.  These plants work as air purifiers. Snake plants also help in better sleep by emitting oxygen during the night. The rarest plant in the Sansevieria family is Moonshine. One Sansevieria Regale can cost up to 32 thousand dollars. There are many online sale deals about Sansevieria here for its lovers!

Sansevieria Care:

These plants favor bright indirect light. A warm spot with a 10 degrees centigrade or higher temperature is what they like to have. It needs water after approximately 10 days in summer and 1 month in winter. In winter, pouring water on leaves is prohibited. Wash the leaves with alcohol to protect them against mealybugs and spider mites.

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