Scindapsus Pictus Plants for Sale Online

About Scindapsus:

Scindapsus is the scientific name. It is commonly called satin pothos, silver pothos, and silk pothos. Scindapsus belongs to the family of Araceae. It has 35 species. Scindapsus is found mostly in Southeast Asia. Scindapsus’ flowers bloom in summer which varies in color. It is grown as a houseplant. Its leaves are oval-shaped. The plant size is about 3-10 in height and 2-4 feet in width. If you are a Scindapsus plant lover, Plantly has the best online sale deals for you.

Scindapsus Care:

Scindapsus likes bright indirect light. It prefers temperatures between 65 to 85 degrees F. Temperatures below 60 degrees F can damage the plant. Water only when the soil feels dry. Check the moisture of the soil with fingers. Avoid overwatering. Humidity is 40 to 50% required. Apply a houseplant fertilizer once a month. Re-pot after 1-2 years when the root starts going out through drainage holes. It needs well drainage mix soil. Keep soil moist during the growing season. Some species are slightly toxic to pets. It should be handled with care during shipping in case it is bought online.


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