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  • 4″ Golden Pothos + Planter Basket

    Sold By: NEEPA HUT


    Sold By: NEEPA HUT

    4″ Golden Pothos + Planter Basket

  • Snow Queen Pothos Devil’s Ivy Variegated Epipremnum Cutting

    Only 0 available and it's in 3 people's basket
    Sold By: ShopForChoosii

    Available are 0 leaf (chonk), 1 leaf or 2 leaf, single-node cuttings from a healthy, and highly variegated Snow Queen. (2-leaf unrooted, single-node, cuttings)

    Sold By: ShopForChoosii

    Snow Queen Pothos Devil’s Ivy Variegated Epipremnum Cutting

  • Neon Pothos | Epipremnum Aureum

    Only 4 available and it's in 1 people's basket
    Sold By: Gardengineering

    The Neon Pothos is known for its glowing, neon-green color throughout its leaves and stems. This Pothos shows off bright, chartreuse leaves. The Neon Pothos will bring lush splendor to nearly any space and is very low maintenance! This plant produces cascading vines with heart-shaped, glossy leaves featuring elegant patterns and shapes.


    Best of all, this charming houseplant is just as tough, easy to grow and carefree as all other pothos plants. These bright plants perk up rooms and offices with their colorful leaves.

    While the heart-shaped leaves can grow as large as 20 inches long, indoors the leaves are usually smaller, around five inches long. They can tolerate diverse growing conditions. Best is a spot out of direct sun, in filtered light. They even grow well under fluorescent lights. Avoid hot, direct afternoon sun and keep the plant away from drafts.

    Neon pothos are vigorous growers and do well in hanging baskets or anyplace where their trailing vines can fall freely. Because they tolerate low light, Neon pothos plants can grow in a bathroom or office. Neon pothos cuttings can even live for years in plain water, so this makes it easy to add a houseplant to hard-to-reach places, such as atop a grandfather clock.

    If your Neon pothos leaves begin to look pale, it may be getting too much light, so it should be moved away from the sunlight. Pothos plants like average home temperatures between 65° and 80°F. They can go a long time without water, but try to give them water when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch.

    The cherry on top! You can take cuttings any time of the year and root them in soil or water. Oddly, cuttings started in water will not grow well in soil, and a Neon Pothos cutting started in soil won’t do well in water.

    As if their easy care and bright chartreuse-green leaves aren’t enough, Neon Pothos is a living air purifier, able to remove toxins found in paint, carpeting, and even insulation.

    Sold By: Gardengineering

    Neon Pothos | Epipremnum Aureum


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