Bare Root Plants

These types of plants are typically more affordable than potted plants and are often used for landscaping or reforestation projects. They should be planted as soon as possible after purchase, as the exposed roots can dry out quickly.

Bare root plants are sold and transported without soil around their roots. Instead of being potted in soil, these plants are typically dormant and have their roots exposed. This packaging method makes them lighter and easier to handle during shipping and planting.

Gardeners often prefer bare root plants because they are more cost-effective and have a higher success rate when planted correctly.

When you receive a bare root plant, it’s important to soak the roots in water before planting to rehydrate them. This type of planting is common for deciduous trees, shrubs, roses, and some perennial flowers.

It’s a cost-efficient way to establish a garden, and the plants usually adapt well to their new environment. However, proper handling and planting techniques are crucial for their successful establishment in the garden.

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