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The genus Begonia is one of the largest genera in the flowering plants. It consists of around 1500 species. Begonias belong to the family of Begoniaceae family. Begonia plants are divided into three main categories based on the root system: fibrous-rooted, rhizomatous, and tuberous begonias. It best grows in tropical and subtropical places of Central and South America, Africa, and southern Asia. Begonia is for sale online at Plantly. So, grab your favorite plant now!

Begonia Care

It needs evenly moist and well-drained soil with some amount of fertilizer added. Begonia needs water regularly in order for it to grow healthy. It is exposed to mealybugs, mites, thrips, and whitefly. It can grow in sun as well as shade. The suited zone is 10-11. If you are looking for how to care for Begonia online, Plantly is the place where you can find the best guides.

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