Monstera Albo Borsigiana “White Tiger” Lineage Double Node Cutting

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Monstera Albo Borsigiana “White Tiger” Lineage Single Double Node Cutting, (Plant cutting with two nodes).

Mother plant is shown for transparency so you can know what you are buying and what to expect from our cuttings. (Mother plant is not for sale)

Monstera Albo Borsigiana “White Tiger” double-node cuttings have more chances of rooting successfully. You can plant them in a beautiful pot and place them in an area where they can get enough sunlight to thrive. This rare and exotic plant is the most expensive tropical houseplant and consider yourself lucky if you have one.

Monstera albo is a fast-growing vining plant native to Central America. Their striking appearance can add a tropical touch to your space, especially if you have it displayed in a beautiful pot. This plant thrives in bright, indirect light and a well-draining soil mix.

Allow the soil to dry before watering them, and make sure there is an excellent draining hole in the pot to prevent root rot. Fertilizing them during their growing season using a balanced fertilizer will help the plant to grow faster and healthier. You can propagate them via node cuttings.

You can grow them in USDA Hardiness Zone 3.


This listing is for a Monstera Albo Borsigiana “White Tiger” lineage DOUBLE node cutting. This means your cutting will have at least two growth nodes. In comparison to our single node cutting, the double node cutting is larger and a little stronger.

My name is Landon​,​ I own and operate PlantaeFascinatio plant shop located in beautiful sunny San Diego California. We have been in business for seeral years and over the years we have focused our efforts on acquiring the highest quality plant specimens to share with our customers. I am pleased to present the Monstera Albo White Tiger​,​ a funny name for an albo plant​,​ yes​,​ but there is a reason. The mother plants which we take our cuttings from originated in Japan​,​ but now they grow beautifully for us in the US. The original mother plants were hand selected by a Monstera expert in Japan for high quality variegation and depth of color​,​ the gentleman who selected these plants for our shop has been growing this particular variant of Monstera’s for 35 years. There is no other seller with access to this lineage​,​ we have an exclusive arrangement with our partners in Japan. Our shop has many other Monstera plants including the highly coveted Monstera Burle Marx Flame (aka Dilacerata). PlantaeFascinatio is not a fly by night operation​,​ we have thousands of satisfied customers and we stand by our products. Growing from a node cutting has risks​,​ just like propagating any plant it can go well​,​ or it can go poorly. We’ve been selling Monstera node cuttings for years and we have learned how to give our customers the best possible chance for success by using our proprietary propagation methods and monitoring cuttings for several weeks for die off prior to shipping the cuttings to our customers. If you purchase a cutting from us during the spring and summer months​,​ there is a very high probability that your cutting will be automatically upgraded to a cutting with roots or a leaf. There are no returns​,​ exchanges​,​ or guarantees of growth​,​ we do however guarantee live and healthy delivery of any plant sold by our shop. We also will work with you and help you out with a discounted replacement cutting​,​ should your cutting not take. These are the little extra things we do because we genuinely have a passion for plants​,​ we are not here just for money.




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Based on 41 reviews
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  1. CK

    I’m amazed. Second leaf is coming up already and first leaf is showing variegation. Couldn’t love more.

    Image #1 from Clare K.
    Image #2 from Clare K.
    Image #3 from Clare K.
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  2. KM

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from a misfit node, but my 17 year old daughter is thrilled. They came packed in their moss and my daughter quickly got them in her propagation dome. now she’s going to encourage them to grow 🙂 This seller is GREAT! so excited! Thank you Thank you

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  3. KM

    I cannot say enough about my experience with this seller! I reached out to him prior to purchasing because this was a gift for my seventeen year old daughter. This is her dream plant and I wanted to get it right. I was expecting a node, but it came with the most stunning leaf I’ve ever seen. we live in Florida, but the seller may have heard the scream of joy all the way in California. we also purchased misfit nodes because c’mon, they’re misfits 🙂 everything came quickly and packaged perfectly. clear directions were included and she’s off right now chatting to the leaf and the nodes about how happy they’ll all be together lol. Thank you Landon!! we will be sure to purchase many more plants from you!

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  4. EY

    I don’t typically leave reviews unless they are shining but since the platform keeps prompting me, here it is…

    Received my misfit node faster than expected, especially since it was on back order when I ordered. I definitely did not expect it to be pretty, considering it was a “misfit node”. However, upon arrival, the aerial roots (x3) were completely desheathed and almost as thin as a hair. Since it only took a few days to arrive from the ship date, I would venture to guess it was shipped like that (I’ve never seen aerial roots do that in a short period).

    I tried to re-root myself with the beginnings of success but I was basically fighting against a short clock. With no way to receive nutrition/water properly, it ended up with rot, as I expected early on. I gave up on it after a couple of weeks.

    This was my first attempt with a no-leaf wet stick, which I knew could be difficult. I do think I may have been successful with proper aerials; no way to tell for sure now. I’ll stick to cuttings I can check out in person first.

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  5. BG

    This cutting exceeded my expectations! It was upgraded to a leaf cutting, and just a little over a week later it has started to root! The leaf is still healthy. I am so happy! Thank you!!

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  6. AK

    Absolutely in love. Got upgraded to a leaf and stem has one node. So excited to watch this baby grow!

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  7. TW

    I was hesitant on spending so much on a plant but the cutting I received exceeded my expectations! It is absolutely gorgeous! I had a few questions and the seller was very helpful and prompt. Now I’m just crossing my fingers for new growth.

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  8. JG

    It arrived very healthy with no signs of rot or damage. Please read to the end. It was well packaged and a beautiful node with amazingly beautiful variagation. Unfortunately I went on vacation and forgot to get a sitter for this and rot set in. I trimmed and treated it but it was already too deep and I lost the battle. I didn’t want to leave a review because of the bad outcome, but realized that wasn’t fair to the seller because they fulfilled their end 100%. I do need to emphasize that it arrived with no rot, no pests, well packaged. This was in no way on the seller, I got a great node with a viable growth point and wonderful variegation. Honestly, because this was all on me I didn’t even notify the seller, they fulfilled their end very well and I hope this review reflects that. I would 100% buy from them again

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  9. RD

    Cutting died after 7 days following the exact instructions provided. Was rotting from the start. Don’t recommend wasting your money on these cuttings.

    Image #1 from Rawly D.
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  10. EJ

    I am so happy with my experience buying from Landon. He was kind enough to upgrade my single node wet stick to a single leaf cutting. Due to some hot weather, my cutting did get burned in transit. After reaching out to Landon, he provided me with advice to try to save the cutting and sent me a replacement just in case. The replacement has a leaf just as beautiful as the first cutting, and arrived perfectly healthy. This is the best seller I have ever worked with in the plant world of Etsy. Thanks again!

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  1. M

    My double node came with two aerial roots, one had a root system starting, and one bud. Within a week the rooting system has tripled, the bud is now a leaflet, and the another bud is becoming more pronounced. I give this company a 5/5 for their quality nods, keeping me posted with shipment, their educational pack they provide with the nodes, as well as their service after the sale has been done. I had sent a pic post set-up and they provided me with detailed feedback which really helped the success of my beautiful monstera albo. If I could figure out how to post two pics, I would show a before and after of last Tuesday when I received to now. ???? Grow baby grow!

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  2. KS

    I’ve been search for a monstera albo forever and wanted to by from a reputable buyer seeing as they are so pricey, and rightfully so, they are hard to come across. I read so many great reviews from this seller and finally pulled the trigger. I couldn’t be happier ?? This photo is from when I got the plant to present. Finally got my first leaf and some strong roots are starting to grow. ??

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  3. A

    Excellent! I without a doubt recommend this shop on Plantly. Put any reservations aside you may have and shop on Plantly and shop at PlantaeFascinatio. I’m very happy with what PlantaeFascinatioa has sent me and nothing like a pleasant surprise. And on more thing, PlantaeFascinatio will help you through the process.

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  4. KP

    So far so good! Ordered a node with a leaf. I was so surprised in how big the leaf was and the great quality

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  5. H

    Absolutely incredibly cutting! Came very quick and perfectly packaged to protect the cutting during transit. Could not be happier! Highly recommend 🙂

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Monstera Albo Borsigiana "White Tiger" Lineage Double Node Cutting

Monstera Albo Borsigiana "White Tiger" Lineage Double Node Cutting

$199.00$299.00 (-33%)

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