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dolly.bird (n); a daft young woman, or an unintellegnet young girl, take your pick. i have been treated as both, but that’s the beauty of the duality that we are allowed in life. we can ever evolve and change. 

i am e, the creative behind i am a former 20 yr. veteran of the fashion/beauty, and visual worlds of retail. i have worked on the main stage of management and sales, as well as behind the scenes, helping to execute the visual magic of instore art installations. but, truth be told, i always wanted more. like a lot of people post college; i fell into a career that paid the bills, but didn’t feed the soul. 

when 2020 sent things tits up i took the risk to part from the comfort and stability of a 9-5 and decided to finally get my hands dirty for real and merge my art school education, my passion for creating, and my love for nature all into one 

dolly.bird is a celebration of art and nature intersecting into one perfectly imperfect package. it’s also a celebration of the two women in my life that fostered these loves: my mother dolores (dolly) and my grandmother bridget (bird). 

this studio is a celebration of duality and the freedom to reinvent ourselves with every curve ball that life throws at us-we can duck or we can catch it and make a ninth inning play that alters the game. 

studio mission: 

welcome to dolly.bird a place for small batch handmade ceramics that celebrates the uniqueness of the raw, organic, and free form creation of functional ceramics. 

i am in the business of crafting items that are siblings and not
twins. no two pieces are the same and i celebrate that coolness, which comes from crafting with my own two hands. as such, no one will ever have the same piece as you. 

just like nature, each completed piece is raw, unique, and slightly
different from the next-this is production line free creation; i go where the clay takes me. 

you can see the shape of the hand that worked the clay, you can see the brush strokes of the glaze application, and you can see the imperfections that come with being fully crafted by hand. but, that’s

the beauty of what i strive to create; a connection to the human soul that made your perfectly imperfect piece.

if you are down, and interested in what the process of creation looks
like check out the creative process over on instagram