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Dutch Guy Gardens

Dutch Guy Gardens

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We started as orchid lovers spending the majority of our free time with the plants. As we learned about orchids and what it takes to make them happy, we discovered a fascination with epiphytes in general. We recently started growing Bromeliads and Tillandsia. These fascinating plants can be grown just like orchids and actually do very well next to the orchids. Together all three add to the indoor rainforest we are all trying to create. Other passions include African Violets, Succulents, Hoyas, and house plants. Look for expanding plant selections as we grow.

The shop started as just an orchid shop but today is a plant paradise. So in honor of that, we are introducing Dutch Guy Gardens. We will expand slowly and try to learn as much as we can along the way to give you the best advice possible. Don’t worry the orchids are here to stay!

We are located in eastern Pennsylvania and care for the plants in climate-controlled conditions. A grow room has been developed to provide the care each plant needs. If you have questions, please ask, we love to talk about plants! “Healthy plants are the goal, happy plants are the passion!”

The owner is proud of his Pennsylvania Dutch heritage which is why the shop logo is a Double Distelfink (Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Symbol).

The Distelfink is the good luck bird of the early Pennsylvania Dutch. The two birds give a double measure of good fortune. The Trinity flowers stand for faith in yourself, faith in what you do, and faith in your fellow man. The scalloped border symbolizes ocean waves for smooth sailing through life.