Life of Monstera
Life of Monstera

Life of Monstera

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Aloha & Welcome to our Monstera Life! 🌿

All of our products are certified by the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and are guaranteed to arrive pest and disease free! Nurtured in rich,

organic Hawaiian soil and tenderly cultivated by the same family for four generations. All of our products are strong, healthy and ready to be planted.

My family has been caring for our different Monstera varieties for over 70 years, and we take tremendous pride in the monstrous beauties our plants have grown up to be. We offer high quality guaranteed disease and pest free, giant mature fruit-bearing Monstera Deliciosa cuttings. As inventory becomes available, we also feature rare Hawaiian monstera, philodendrons and much more!

Shipping is carried out with the upmost care with a processing time of 2-4 days. Nodes are treated and rooted prior to shipment. Leaves are secured during packaging to avoid damages. During shipment, your plant may become dry or the leaves may wilt temporarily, we recommend placing your node in a shady, cool area to allow some time for the plant to become acclimated to your environment. Mist the leaves lightly with plain, neutral water until fully accustomed to your home environment. Once settled, find a shady area with partial sun. Selecting a spot with a slight breeze will help to make your plants sturdy and ultimately stronger.

We highly encourage anyone who is interested in our products to contact Kaua, or any team member so that we can have an open discussion about project goals, desired end results or questions you may have. We are open to working with you on custom orders or projects! We offer chat assistance to all customers who need additional help with their plants anytime after purchase.

Leaf it all to us and join our green family today!