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Here at SunSoul Plants, we run as a small, family owned and operated business. What started as a small art and craft store in 2015, has transitioned into predominately a plant nursery. All because of our growing love for gardening. We work as a team, with my father being the head gardener and breeder. We have learned with time all the little things that make a business run smoothly, and we are excited to grow as a whole.

Our work is based out of sunny North Florida with a perfect climate to cater to all varieties of plants. We offer an assortment of many exotic plants, ranging from succulents to fruit bearing plants, so you’ll find a perfect addition for your beloved plant family. We never use pesticides and limit our waste to a minimum. Our soil is based from our own compost that is made from an assortment of things that we use in our daily life that might normally be thrown out. We built our greenhouses with reclaimed wood and materials. We like to keep it simple and sustainable.

My Great Grandfather was a known healer in his village who collected his own plants from the Taiga biome. He would come back to share his knowledge of plants with his family and neighbors, all because of his love of healing and the great outdoors. Because of that, my family has always grown up believing in the healing powers of plants. We want to share that knowledge with you by providing a large assortment of herbs that we like to use in our daily lives.

Quality and sustainability are our core values. You may notice our packaging is put together individually because we build each box to each specific plant. It does require a little more time, but the end result is a more customized packaging that doesn’t require wasting trees and cardboard. We make you the perfect little capsule to deliver your new plant to where it’s going, safe and sound. We normally use cardboard and other materials that we have left from our own purchases from many blue moons ago. It puts into perspective seeing how much cardboard we can all go through so easily. So, our goal is to REDUCE and REUSE as much as we can while ensuring quality.

If there is ever any reason that you are not satisfied with our product, please do not hesitate to reach out, and we will do whatever is needed to change that. We are looking forward to doing business with you for many years to come.