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About Stromanthe:

Stromanthe genus is a genus of flowering plants. Its common name is Never-Never Plant. It has the habit of raising the leaves at night and lowering it during the daytime. Stromanthe has about 21 species. It belongs to the Marantaceae family. It is found in tropical regions of South America. Plants of this genus are fast-growing and can grow up to 4 to 6 feet. They are famous for their beautiful leaves. They are non-toxic for both humans and pets. So, if you are interested in buying some, Plantly is the place where you can get Stromanthe online sale deals.

Stromanthe Care:

Stromanthe genus’ plants need high humidity. They are sensitive to direct sunlight which can burn their leaves. The organic medium of well-drained is favorable. Water them regularly but decrease the hydration during the autumn and winter. They are open to spider mites which slowly suck out all chlorophyll from them, so check its leaves regularly. Good maintenance of water can prevent them from roots rot. It should be transported with care if ordered online.

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