A Plant Marketplace for Plant People

For plant lovers, buying and selling online can lead to a world of headaches and the reason is simple:

Popular online marketplaces originally created to sell used rollerblades, beanie babies, and jewelry are not setup to sell plants.

We created Plantly – the world’s first plant-specific community marketplace – to give savvy sellers like you a better choice.

And we think you are going to 💚 it.

Connect Directly with Knowledgeable Plant Buyers

Connect Directly with Knowledgeable Plant Buyers

Stop wasting time on dead-end leads and pointless inquiries that go nowhere. Interact with an online pool of genuine, reputable plant buyers today.

At Plantly, our plant-specific ecosystem of passionate buyers and sellers is unrivaled in the industry — making it easy to find the right long-term forever home for your creations.

Connect Directly with Knowledgeable Plant Buyers

Spend Less Time Marketing & More Time Growing

You love plants, not web pages, databases, and SEO. Your buyers most likely feel the same. Unfortunately, you need an up-to-date online presence and a simple e-commerce store often isn’t enough.

With Plantly, you gain access to a ready-built marketplace with a natural feel, giving you more time to focus on what’s important: your plants (and your profits). 

Spend Less Time Marketing & More Time Growing

A Trusted, Transparent, and Secure Selling Experience

One of the biggest drawbacks to selling plants on major e-commerce platforms is the complete lack of trust between buyer and seller. How much do you really know about the people making offers on your plants?

Our marketplace takes trust, transparency, and online security seriously. When you sell on Plantly, you can rest assured that we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that both buyer and seller leave the transaction with smiles planted across their faces.

Spend Less Time Marketing & More Time Growing
oin a Vibrant, Growing Community of Like Minded People

Join a Vibrant, Growing Community of Like Minded People

If you want to simply list and sell your products on our platform that’s fine…but that means you are only scratching the surface of what Plantly has to offer.

In addition to the world’s premier plant-focused online marketplace, our online growing community features insightful blog articles, live online plant auctions, and the best customer (and seller) support team in the business! 

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🤔 Still Have More Questions? No Worries!

To ensure quality throughout our platform we are only looking for high-quality, reputable, and honest small business plant sellers.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, we’d love to hear from you, so check out the FAQ first.

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