Plant Seller FAQ


🌱 Basics

Great Question! We built Plantly for plant people, like us. We don’t want to give you more marketing speak, so we’ll keep it pretty simple. 

  • A Plant Only Marketplace – We only sell plants and plant accessories
  • No Listing Fees 
  • We only market to individuals that are looking for plants accessories and merchandise
  • Our platform is optimized for selling plants and accessories 🙂
  • We value the feedback of our vendors, many of which continue to contribute to the platform and apps evolution
  • We create on average ten plant-specific care articles per week, to eventually create thousands of easy-to-understand guides and content for most plant species around the world.
  • Why not? There is no risk to you other than a little bit of time to set up your store. Get in early.

You setup a store, add your products and we take care all the technical details. 🙂

Well, that is the short version, here is more of how it flows in practice. (graphic coming soon)

  1. We vet each vendor by having an initial demo call
  2. Then we give you time to setup your store, adding products, connecting your Stripe account and becoming a Plantly wizard. 
  3. Schedule a shorter final call to review any questions, go through a complete sale and then activate your store.

Unfortunately not, it is very important for us to meet all potential vendors and understand their plant journey  and goals and how it aligns with Plantly.

🧾 Payments

It is our goal to make this simple and accessible to all our sellers. 

  • No listing fees for independent sellers*
  • Stripe Payment Processing Fee: 2.9% +.30cents (this is default for all the credit card processing) 
  • Plantly Platform Fee: 6.75% flat transaction fee on the sale (Plantly makes $6.75 dollars on $100 from your store sales) 
  • Shipping Charges Fee: $0 – We do not charge a percentage on your shipping fees.
  • Overall Fees on transaction (Stripe & Plantly) equate to approximately 10%

*Note: For larger vendors/nurseries looking to sell more than 75 listings simultaneously, a .15 cents listing fee will apply



Chargeback Protection uses Stripe Radar’s machine learning to block fraud and prevent disputes. We combine behavioral information and the power of the Stripe network to make real-time risk assessments and optimize checkout flows. Risky buyers may have to provide more information through Dynamic 3D Secure, while low-risk buyers enjoy a seamless checkout that maximizes conversions. You only pay Chargeback Protection fees for successful payments.


Stripe is our payment processor and they the best!

In order to complete your store setup, you will need a stripe account. Don’t worry, it is super easy!

🛒 Marketing

Yes! You are able to correspond with your buyers just as you would if they bought from your personal store. This includes access to your buyers emails so you can nurture your those relationships long-term.

Great question!  The strategy continues to evolve, but as of today, we go for a holistic approach leveraging the following. 

  1. SEO Optimization – Continued commitment to quality plant-related content creation
  2. Organic Social Channels – Our IG is at 16k & growing along with a very robust Pinterest, very engaging Facebook Group, Tiktok & Youtube!
  3. Targeted Ad Campaigns across all the campaign’s (FB/IG/Google/Pin/others)
  4. Email Newsletters-targeted and optimized frequency)
  5. IOS & Android Apps 
  6. Dynamic Notifications – Browser, email & Apps (15+ Automatically triggered communications to buyers)

Yes! Although we are still trying to find the best cadence of this.

Although we don’t publish these numbers, our targeted plant buyer traffic from the community is very healthy.

We continue to see tremendous traffic growth month-to-month on organic and social alone, which is often the most difficult.  Much more to come here as we launch new initiatives.

🌱 Remember, buyers visiting the Plantly ecosystem are not interested in baseball cards or beanie babies, their sole intent is discover plants. 🙂

🪴 Products

We are looking into this but as of the 01Aug, we do not allow vendors to sell CBD. We do forsee this policy evolving in the relative near future.

Yes! Our community is growing and looking for ALL plant-related items.

Note: CBD and THC-infused, and/or other regulated products are not able to be sold on Plantly.  Although it might be completely legal in your state, most are still in a very grey area.

Yes!  We are excited for you to join us. Many of our visitors are looking for interesting fruit trees.

📦 Shipping

We have partnered with Shipstation to enable easier and more cost effective shipping, although it is not required. If you have another method of shipping that you are more comfortable with, no worries!

👉 For more info on shipstation, click here. 

We totally understand that in some areas, shipping the winter, especially with delicate plants, can present a serious challenge. 

That is why we allow you to setup your store policies as you see fit.  We don’t pressure our sellers to meet a short shipping processing window or force you to ship year round. In fact, a new feature we are almost done with will allow you to set vacation periods.

Remember, this is your store, just using our platform.

No. Some of our sellers are unable to send to certain states and we have the capability to limit the states to want to ship to.

Not currently. Sorry.  Do Send us a note, however, with any requests at [email protected]

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