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About Ficus:

Ficus belongs to the family of Moraceae with approximately 1000 species in this genus. It is the largest genus in the Moraceae family. Some of the species are wood trees, shrubs, vines epiphytes, and hemeiphytes. It is commonly known as fig trees and figs. Most of the species are native to southwest Asia and the Mediterranean region. It has been a source of food for humans as well as wildlife. Plantly is among the top places where Ficus lovers can select and order Ficus from the sale online.

Ficus Care:

These plants like bright but indirect light. Direct light can damage its systems. In winter, it should be kept at temperature below 55 Farenhight. It needs less but consistent water while growing in summer and some dry spells in winter. It grows very quickly due to which re-potting gets difficult with time.

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