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Plants are the unsung hero in the mental well-being, comfort, and growth of the human race. From the outlandish and indescribable beauty inherent in the rich colors and robust textures to the various fragrances and aromas they project, to the endless wonder and excitement that comes with discovering new varieties – plants enhance the human experience in ways that it is often overwhelming to comprehend.

Today, more than ever, the meditative nature and soothing calm that comes with caring for plants have become a welcome reminder of less chaotic times and a reminder that even during the most challenging moments, there is beauty to be found all around us.

Plantly is a one-of-a-kind online plant market, offering the widest variety of plant and plant-related products to customers throughout the United States. Plantly’s mission is to foster a community of weekend-warrior gardeners, hobbyists, side-hustlers, micro-nursery business owners with high-quality, carefully curated, and affordably priced plants, seeds, flowers, and supplies. 

Plantly is an easy-to-use online and mobile platform that aims to remove the barriers, frustration, and friction from purchasing plants online – offering the ultimate shopping experience and widest variety of plants available anywhere online. Simple to navigate and easy to use, Plantly is the perfect online solution for individuals seeking to buy or sell plants, but more importantly, to share their crazy passion with others.

Whether you’re starting your own side-hustle business or are simply seeking refuge in the comforting routine of cultivating your indoor jungle or backyard garden, Plantly connects you to the community offering the rare and unusual you never knew existed and the classics that you have always loved, hopefully educating you along the way.

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