The Best Online Plant Nurseries to Shop from

Admit it – the plants you own are like some little people you cultivate in your living space and you can’t but keep thinking of the ways of how to get more of them.

I know how easily one can get frustrated (you and I both) when you just spot the cutest little perennial on the internet and now the only problem is how to get it in your home.

I also know how you must hate going from a florist shop to a florist shop looking for your latest darling. But, what if I told you that you can buy perennials online?

Stay tuned to discover the best place to buy plants online.

Here it comes!

The Best Online Plant Nurseries

1. Great Garden Plants (

One stop shop plant nursery

If we were to name the best online nursery for perennials, the majority of you out there would go with Great Garden Plants. And, I must admit, you are not far from the truth.

Good perennials, quality perennials, beautiful perennials are what you will find on their website.

Now, saying perennials leaves too much to interpretation, so to be sure of what it is you’re looking for, you can always filter search their database.

This gives you countless possibilities. For example, you can filter by how much water a plant requires, or you can go for the “sun” and “shady” categories to see which plant grows best where. Especially if you are a novice to the world of plants, this is going to be useful information.

This online nursery is excellent in another way that will merely confirm it deserves to be named the best online plant nursery.

Namely, we get sad when we purchase a plant that simply won’t succeed in our conditions. This is why GGP has a special filter that enables you to search for those plants that will for sure thrive in your surroundings.

This is great in helping you avoid disappointment once your lovely newcomer dies just days after you got it.

Another perk when you’re dealing with mail-order plant nurseries, and especially with GGP, is that each time you mail-order plants, they will let you know the size of the container you’ll get it in so there are no surprises.

2. Planting Tree (

Best deal Nursery plants

Your idea of the best online nursery for plants strongly depends on what kind of plants you want to buy.

Not all of the online nurseries offer the same products; however, if we were to discuss the best online tree nursery, is the place to go.

Trees, shrubs, and also some perennials – you can find all of these here.

A full online centre with no actual stores offers a great variety of all kinds of trees and shrubs. Yes, even those you didn’t know existed. They operate by keeping trees in stock and selling exclusively online. You couldn’t walk into their store to look around even if you wanted to.

Typically, they might not be your top choice if we talk about online plant nurseries and the main reason is that they are deemed expensive. Again, I won’t say they’re not.


Have you ever bought anything from them?

Cause, I have!

And, I bought high-quality plants shipped in containers adapted to the size of the tree you chose. 

Another reason to love them is discounts. Namely, depending on the tree size you choose and the number of trees, you get a price deduction. In this way, you get a whole green jungle of beauties and you save money.

Seriously, what else can you wish for?

3. Plantly (

The Best Online Plant Nurseries to Shop from, Plantly

Are you a micro plant grower? Or, an urban plant grower? A city one? Or, a rural one?

Actually, we don’t care! characterizes itself as “a growing community of people who love plants“. And, that is exactly who they are. And, more.

Rather, we can say is a marketplace where you can round up the whole story of a single plant. To begin with, this is where you can buy a plant, learn how to care for it properly, or sell it (if you have to for whichever reason).

The plant care blog that offers brims with information on various plant and care hacks you will find indispensable in your future plant care.

Moreover, offers a big community of users where you can meet other plant lovers and growers and exchange opinions on your green pets.

Now, as an online plant nursery, is a place you simply cannot omit. They might easily be the only ones to offer Rare Anthurium Hybrid at a sensible price.

The sales page of the site works impeccably offering you a search field with multiple filters you can opt for. As an example, you can filter by indoor or outdoor plants, each of these with an additional subset of filters so your search is as effective as possible.

The online service that provides doesn’t stop with the plants. You can also order the soil you need for the plants you purchased, so practically, we are talking about a full-scale service.

By the way, besides the search filters, you can also search directly for the plant that you need (if you know its name). Or, you can just look around.

Whichever that you opt for, one thing is sure – will have the plant or tree that you’re looking for.


When we talk about purchasing plants or trees online, everybody seems to have their favourite.

So, whether it is an online tree nursery or a succulent, or aroids nursery that you’re looking for, these were some of the options you can give a shot to.

From rarities to the commonly spread beauties, from the ones that thrive in the sun, to the ones that prefer the dark side – these three online plant nurseries will help you find what you’re looking for.

Or, rather, they will have what you’re looking for.

Give them a chance and get your next beauty!

Of course, share the photos in the comments so we can all admire them together.

Whether you want to buy, sell or simply reach out to other plant enthusiasts, Plantly is the right place to be!

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