Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens: A Paradise on Earth

In Pittsburgh, you find a green oasis that inspires people to value plants and the natural world. The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden design is out of this world.

You can explore the natural beauty of display gardens and native gardens, partake in educational programs, and learn to conserve the environment.

So, if you want the perfect place to unwind and learn about cultivating indoor plant collections, visit downtown Pittsburgh at this amazing place today.

Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens Mission & History

phipps conservatory

The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, for years, has had a mission to inspire people to appreciate plants. They have been creating display gardens since 1988. When you visit the botanical garden, you are treated to a world-class outdoor garden design.

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden is a tax-exempt organization, and the donations are tax-deductible. The botanical garden is a member of the American Public Gardens Association and the American Association of Museums.

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Main Category

When you visit the gorgeous cultivating plant collections in the display gardens, it helps to plan your visit. You can explore different places to view the Allegheny Plateau temperate regions and floral displays around the park.

This botanical garden is a special place for young and old to capture the beauty of nature. It is a conservatory and botanical garden in one with living collections and each garden with amazing design.

Botanic Gardens Pittsburgh

When you enter the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden in the Oakdale whimsical woodlands, it wows visitors right out of their shoes. You first notice seasonal display gardens under a wrought iron gazebo.

There are winding garden pathways leading to different outdoor plant collections with loads of flower displays. There are more than 460 acres of land to see, telling a story of the industrial past that comes back to life with inviting trails, open meadows, to forested slopes.

Native Wildlife Habitats in The Display Gardens

Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden is not only popular for creating display gardens. It is also famous for its beautiful gardens and wildlife habitats through cultivating plant collections.

You can see:

  • Toads

  • Spot a garter to gray ratsnake

  • There are many bird species, from the woodpecker to owls

  • Even white-tail deers have been spotted in the woodlands

  • The lakes are full of largemouth bass

  • On occasion, you can spot a striped skunk, garden spiders, and more

Creating Display Gardens in Woodlands

Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens

Some highlight for visitors in the park are the different woodlands to explore. First, you have the Allegheny Plateau with some tallest trees, herbaceous plants, and shrubs. Some plant species in the collection come from Southwestern Pennsylvania, Western West Virginia, Southeastern Ohio, and Northeastern Kentucky.

Another highlight you must see is the Giant Birds Nest.

Then there are the Asian woodlands, a developing Japanese garden situated on a rolling hillside. Here you have the lotus pond with beautiful features and a very innovative water filtering system. The plants found here are native to Asia.

Lastly, there is the European woodland, a temperate region with ornamental plants with wood chip paths.

Some features to see are Bookworm Glenn and the Hermit Hut.

Art Gallery

Currently, the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden hosts many exhibits at the art gallery found at the Welcome Center and the Zappala Woodland Room.

One exhibition showcases the five unique approaches to nature photography. Then there is an earth art exhibition coming up as well.

Throughout the year, you can find many things taking place, and the art gallery conducts educational programs during the year.


While at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, all the walking can tire you out. Luckily, there is the Canopy Café, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink at the Welcome Center. In addition, the cafe has a bite to eat using locally-sourced ingredients for products.

You even have gluten-free to vegetarian-friendly options available daily. So, enjoy a delicious meal with your guests at this beautiful place.

Function Hall

Need to host a conference or event? Everything is possible at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. You can have a corporate wedding, shower, and special celebrations at the function hall. No event in this garden is too big or small as there is so much to discover outdoors.

Famous Attractions in Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens

There is always something unique to see at the conservatory and botanical gardens for parents and children. You can walk different trails to the land located throughout the botanical garden to take photos.

If you are interested in exploring some famous attractions, we recommend downloading the map to plan your visit from the website.

Peirce Celebration Garden

To tie the knot with that special person in your life, why not host your wedding at the Peirce Celebration Garden? You can see the wonders presented in the garden to capture every moment of your event. Take photos of the stone wall with romantic plantings and continue your festivities in the Davidson Event Center.

The center is a restored barn with a rustic charm, and it has walls and windows overlooking the woodlands of Western Pennsylvania. Everything about this place shouts romance with the rustic chandeliers throughout the space.

Garden of the Five Senses

Every day you connect to different plants from the food you eat, your clothes, and the sights you see surrounding you. Visit the Garden of Five Senses to explore with your children to make discoveries:

Get Diggin In -as you focus on all the organisms living in the soil. Feel the ideal texture for your child with ASD and dig in the area. Vies the multiple plants from the rock walls to the ground for tactile stimulation. See the misting stones to metal sculptures on the land visible in woodland creatures.

Do some eye spy with my little eye – with the kaleidoscope in the garden, you can explore rock painting to other activities with visually appealing plants in different shapes and sizes located throughout this beautiful place.

Sniff and savor the pizza garden – to learn more about edible plants and flavors. There are rain barrels, compost bins, and an old factory system for kids to explore. Or head out to the Weisbrod Learning Pavillion or listen to soothing sounds.

Pollinator Trail

A highlight you can join with kids is the Pollinator Trail, a permanent exhibit teaching visitors the importance of pollinators. You find the pathways throughout the garden and at each station found at:

  • Hillside Pollinator Garden

  • Margaret Lawrence Simon Dogwood Meadow

  • Apiary

Guests find activities around the theme of learning about pollination. For example, one activity is where children learn how pollen travels with bees or the wind. At the same time, another theme is how bees differ from humans.

All ages will enjoy the Apiary as kids pretend they are beekeepers to capture special moments with photos in a bee suit.

Storybook House

Along your way to the Storybook House, keep an eye out for magical fairy houses dotting the path. You may run into one or two whimsical creatures along the way. Once you reach the stone house built in a child’s size, they can sit and relax on chairs thumbing through some books.

Visiting PGB in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens

The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden is open to the public for guests from Tuesday to Sunday. During fall/winter, from October 1 to March 31, the garden opens from 9 AM to 5 PM.

During spring/summer, from April 1 to September 30, the garden opens to visitors at 9 AM and closes at 5 PM. Wednesday and Thursday, the gates close at 7 PM, and on Friday to Sunday at 5 PM.

The daily rates for members are free, adults $12, youth 3-17 $7, and kids under three free. Also, come prepared to enjoy your outdoor experience. You can bring water bottles to fill with fountain water at the Welcome Center.

Also, wear sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. Some areas provide shade, and best to plan accordingly. Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring your camera to capture every moment of your journey through the environment.

Come and explore all the events at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden for all, from gardening, flowers, and green spaces to trees. You can even become volunteers to help in the park.

Do’s and Don’ts Visiting The PBG

For your safety, consider the following visitation guidelines before making a trip to the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.

  • Always remain on the routes and walkways without walking through the vegetation.

  • Be respectful of the beauty surrounding you and do not pick or cut plants.

  • Dogs are allowed, but they need to be on a leash.

  • You can explore the available spaces but cannot swim, fish, or splash in the water.

  • Dispose of your trash at the Welcome Center, and remember that insects are part of the environment, and best to wear protective clothing against ticks or mosquitoes.

  • For the best experience in planning your trip, download the map available online.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can host your wedding in the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden at the Peirce Celebration Garden, with a large plaza for seating up to 250 guests. The rental fee varies between $1,950 to $5,800 for the wedding ceremony and reception of 7 hours.

No, the two places are separate facilities. Phipps Conservatory is situated in Schenley Park, and PBG is on Pinkerton Run Road.

The best is to plan an hour of your time when visiting PBG.

You can find different events, including conferences, special occasions like birthdays, and the famous Dazzling Nights, which are a winter light experience. Then there is the Monarch Migration, Smarter Phone Photography, and more.

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