10 Beautiful Hanging Succulents

There is nothing more exciting for a succulent lover than having a plant with trailing stems, dangling from tall-narrow pots, or hanging baskets. So, if you have not yet found hanging succulents for your home, then look at what we have right here for you.

10 Best Hanging Succulents

Adding trailing succulent plants to your home is a great way to free up floor space. You can hang them at a bare window or in the bathroom to give it some greenery and life. Succulent plants are low-maintenance and mostly treated as indoor plants. You can find a wide selection to choose from.

Senecio rowleyanus

string of pearls

For an easy-growing plant, the string of pearls is a beautiful drought-tolerant succulent. The spherical light green leaves look like peas. It is a popular hanging succulent with unique trailing stems that are fast-growing.

The stems can reach up to four feet in length. FYI, this plant is toxic to cats, dogs, and humans. These hanging plants flourish in partial sunlight, and you need to let the soil dry between watering. The plant grows small white flowers with a fuzzy appearance.

The blooms smell like cinnamon to vanilla and are sure to brighten up any mood.

Ceropegia woodii

String of hearts

It is a no-brainer where this succulent gets its name. The leaves resemble hearts with a shade of silver, purple, and blue-green leaves. It is another beautiful hanging plant with thin stems up to five feet in length.

The good news is this succulent, compared to the string of pearls, is non-toxic to humans, dogs, and cats. Another striking thing is that it is not a bushy trailing plant. Instead, the trailing foliage greets you with tiny purple lantern flowers in summer.

You can add the string of hearts to hanging baskets or place them in a gorgeous container. The important thing is to provide bright indirect lights and well-draining soil.

Curio radicans

String of bananas

Yes, we are busy with all the string succulent plants, and the string of bananas is another gorgeous hanging plant. This plant looks fabulous in hanging pots, and its native habitat is in Southern Africa. These hardy plants with banana-shaped leaves grow long trailing stems.

The blooms smell like cinnamon and have white to yellow flowers when it flowers. These trailing plants flourish in direct sun with well-draining soil. Yet, they do not enjoy having wet feet, and the best is to let the soil dry before watering.

Unfortunately, the string of bananas is toxic to dogs, cats, and humans if eaten.

Senecio x. peregrinus

String of Dolphins

Yes, you guessed right, this succulent has foliage that looks like dolphins. They look fabulous in hanging planters, and the trailing stems reach three feet long. But unfortunately, it is also poisonous to humans and pets if ingested.

The string of dolphins needs the direct sun with moderate watering. While you can grow them outside, it is not frost-tolerant and prefers warm weather.

Senecio herreianus

Senecio herreianus

Now, looking at the string of beads does not get confused with the string of pearls. Instead, the succulent has oval-shaped fleshy leaves, also known as the string of tears.

The trailing stems grow several feet long. It is toxic to pets and humans and needs bright but indirect sunlight.

When you notice the beads looking puckered, you can provide this gorgeous plant with water. The thick succulent stems look great in a hanging basket or used as ground cover in the garden.

Sedum morganianum

donkey's tail

Yes, the donkey’s tail, or as some gardeners call the burro’s tail, is an all-time favorite hanging succulent. It is a showstopper hanging anywhere. The plump leaves dangle from the stem and overlap each other, creating a tail.

The green leaves you see are dusted with a pale blue waxy powder that rubs off when touched. The plant seldom produces flowers in the growing season. But if it does bloom, count yourself lucky with the display of small star-shaped unscented flowers.

The foliage grows up to three feet long, and it does not like being overwatered. Yet, you can place this wax plant in full sun and very drought tolerant. The good news is the succulent is non-toxic to humans and pets.

Dischidia nummularia

string of nickels

The tropical succulent has coin-shaped leaves ranging from pale green to silvery green. These epiphytic plants thrive growing on trees. So, it is essential to develop your trailing succulent in a mix of orchid or coco husk chips.

A string of nickels makes for good hanging plants in low light conditions indoors. The vines reach four feet long, but it is mildly toxic to humans and pets. When it comes to watering, your trailing succulents leave the soil to dry between watering.

When your succulent plant blooms, it will surprise you with pale yellow flowers.

Othonna capensis

Othonna capensis

Another exceptional plant for your hanging garden is this fast-growing wax plant. Compared to other plants with brown stems, it has a reddish-purple branch that is thin.

The leaves look like beans and turn a bright red shade when exposed to direct sun. It is a non-tox plant that grows a foot long, and propagating them is easy.

You can provide your plant with bright indirect light and allow the soil to dry between watering.

Aporocactus flagelliformis

rattail cactus

Now, the rat tail is a cactus plant with long thick stems, and it has tiny needle-like spines on it. The trailing stems grow about six feet in length and spread out to make them look exotic.

The flowers are showy with substantial pink flowers that curve outward. You can place the wax plant in towering pots or hanging baskets.

It is a fast-growing cactus and thrives in bright sunlight and during the growing season, keep them watered and dry when dormant in winter.

Hildewintera colademononis

Monkey tail cactus

The cactus plant is a head-turner with its long leaves with soft spines. You see white hairs covering the foliage that looks like a monkey’s tail. The red-colored flower is about three inches long when it blooms in winter.

The greenish-yellow stems can grow upright and start trailing down when it becomes established. If you are a beginner succulent gardener, this is a great plant to have. Provide your wax plant with well-draining soil and bright light.

Final Thought

Look at any trailing succulents; they make unusual plants in hanging baskets. But always consider the style you want to add to your living space. So now, where can you find these gorgeous hanging succulents? Well, you can find them available right here at Plantlywith some hanging baskets to buy as well.

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