5 Best Plants for Bath Bouquet

fFor years we have added plants to our bathroom to add a sense of relaxation and color. But having plants in the bathroom also helps to improve your mood and the air quality around. Hence, aside from added moisture, it also gives visual interest.

But did you know that using plants can provide natural aromatherapy as well? When you place some aromatic plants, it turns your bathroom into a spa. Such a kind of ambiance is a must-have, right?

So keep reading as Plantly will help you find what is a bath bouquet and how you can incorporate it into your relaxing space.

What are Bath Bouquets?

aromatic flowers

Bath bouquets are cuttings of different fragrant plants that you tie together using natural twine to hang from the bath spigot or showerhead.

All you do is lay out rosemary stems and fresh eucalyptus, place them on a cutting board and roll over them using a rolling pin to release the essential oils within. Then, you tie them together and hang them.

When you turn the water on, it gives you a refreshing scent filling the whole bathroom. Using plants provides a natural aromatic experience without added chemicals. The best way to achieve this is by planting your essential oil plants, and offering you different combinations of fragrances.

Having a bath bouquet also has loads of health benefits. The smell is divine, it looks lovely and is very beneficial to your body and mind. As the steam heats and releases versatile essential oils from the plant, it stimulates the senses in your nose to reach your brain.

You enjoy a rewarding aromatherapy session to relieve congestion, boost blood circulation, and help you relax. But remember, if you are pregnant, please consult your doctor first before using any of the plants for your bath bouquets.

Here are some great plants you can add to your list to create a bath bouquet.

A Natural Peppermint Essential Oil

peppermint bouquet

The peppermint plant is a hybrid mint between spearmint and watermint. With an infusion of peppermint leaves in the shower, you can boost mental activity to relieve tension and stress.

It has anti-inflammatory properties to help increase blood circulation and helps open up a blocked nose while relaxing sore throats.

So after a long day, slice some leaves and place them in your bath to soak for a while.

Natural Versatile Essential Oils Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus bath bouquet

5 Best Plants for Bath Bouquet, PlantlyInstead of investing in expensive eucalyptus oil, create your bath bouquet using the stems from the plants themselves. It will help relieve congestion and is ideal for winter months when colds seem to be around.

It can also relieve pain, inflammation, and swelling and is suitable for your heart. In addition, inhaling air infused with the oil can help lower blood pressure and help you to de-stress.

So, what better way to relax after a long day at work?

Create a Natural Rosemary Oil

Rosemary bath bouquet

To relieve mental fatigue, taking a morning shower with rosemary helps. You will feel more alert as it helps enhance your concentration to eliminate negative moods. You can also use it on your locks to help stimulate the roots to improve hair growth while increasing circulation in your scalp.

Improve Sleep Quality With Lavender

lavender bath bouquet

No other plant provides you with a more versatile essential oil than lavender. Folk medicine has used lavender as a natural remedy to improve sleep. With the plant added to your bath bouquets, it will help you drift off faster.

Like rosemary, lavender is one of the best bathroom plants with benefits on the hair. Using the oil helps leave your hair shiny and controls dandruff. So, dry out some flowers and crush them into your bathtub.

Add some coconut and argan oil to the mix to give you supple soft skin.

Lemongrass To Overcome Nervous Tension

lemongrass bath bouquet

Sometimes after a long day, you feel overpowered with anxiousness and just feel so tired. Pop some lemongrass around the showerhead to help you relax. The lemon grass was used as a folk remedy for digestive problems, from gastric ulcers to stomach aches. Another benefit is that you find citronella present that repels spiders.

A Bonus Plant For Your Bathroom Bouquet

jasmine bath bouquet

Jasmine has an alluring scent that shouts feminity and is a sensual aphrodisiac associated with eroticism and love. In India, the plant is the queen of the night and the oil obtained from the plant helps you open up more to express your feelings. In addition, it is asl soothing with a sedative effect to relieve pain.

Now that you’ve got these ideas, start looking for these plants and try hanging them in your bathroom. For sure your next shower experience will be much more relaxing this time.

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