Best Indoor Succulents for Your Exotic Garden

Succulents have been one of the most popular plants to grow both indoors and outdoors for years now.

So in this text, we will go over some of the best indoor succulents and learn how to grow them.

  1. Growing Succulents Indoors
  2. Types of Indoor Succulents
  3. Aloe Vera
  4. Lithops
  5. Ponytail palm
  6. Hens-and-Chick
  7. Panda plant
  8. Burro’s Tail
  9. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
  10. Jade Plant

Growing Succulents Indoors

If you wandered can succulents live inside – the answer is yes, and growing them is not a trouble at all.

The fact that they can withstand almost any type of conditions and that they are hardy and easy to care for even if you are a beginner gardener is what makes succulents favorite indoor plants. Especially for beginners.

Besides this, they look like they have just materialized in your home right from a from a fairy tale, and there are so many varieties that you are bound to find at least one that you will enjoy looking after.

And here is how to do it:

1. Light

As succulents are native to deserts, to grow them indoors you will need to provide them with as much light as possible during the day.

If you can choose, pick a south-facing window and place your plant as close to it as possible.

Although they seem gentle, they like the sun and they thrive in direct sunlight, unlike many other houseplants.

2. Water

As succulents are close to cacti in nature,  it is quite obvious that they do not like too much water all the time.

In order to keep your succulents happy, let the soil go completely dry and stay that way even for a few days before watering them again.

When you do water them, do it abundantly and soak the soil well.

This practice also imitates the natural rainfall patterns of the deserts.

3. Soil

Succulents do not require fertilization or any specific type of soil regarding nutrients.

You can mix the potting soil with perlite that will provide for a well-draining medium to grow succulents indoor.

Bonus tip: Although they look magical, too many succulents in one pot should be avoided as they may not get the chance to get what little water and nutrients they need.

Allow them to have a bit of space or their own small pot to live in.

Types of Indoor Succulents

Here is a list of 8 best indoor succulent plants that you can grow successfully and without much fuss.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Indoor Succulents

Aloe Vera is the most recognizable of all indoor succulents due to its shape and medicinal properties.

Aside from being used purely decoratively, it can be very useful to have in your household.

The gel that can be extracted from its leaves can be used to make homemade beauty products, and you can even drink it.

And what better place to keep it in than a kitchen window where it will be easy to pick and apply if by chance you burn yourself.

Water it abundantly when you notice the soil get dry.

2. Lithops


Lithops are one of the small succulent plants.

They have a very unique appearance – stone or pebble-like and they come in a variety of blue-greenish shades, and even purple, pink, or orange.

They require almost no care aside from being placed in west or south-facing window.

When it comes to watering, during the cold winter months you should not water at all, otherwise, let the soil dry out completely before watering again.

3. Ponytail palm

Ponytail palm indoor succulents

Despite its name, this plant actually belongs to succulent house plants.

It is one of the most attractive and most favorite indoor succulents.

Like other succulents, it likes longer periods of drought before being watered again and a lot of direct sunlight, yet it can thrive in indirect sunlight if there is enough of it throughout the day.

4. Hens-and-Chick


Hens-and-Chick is maybe the best known succulent if you want to grow them indoors.

You will know it by its looks – a little green rose flower look-alike.

It is a bit more forgiving than other indoor succulents when it comes to the light requirements as it will be perfectly happy in a partially shaded place or in indirect sunlight.

What you need to pay attention to is overwatering, since it can cause root rot and eventually the plant’s death.

5. Panda plant

panda plant indoor succulents

This succulent got its name due to its color.

It is very light green with white fizz all over the leaves, and it has rust-colored spots on its edges.

Because of this, Panda plant looks velvety and fluffy.

It can thrive in combined exposure to both direct and indirect light.

Water sparingly allowing the soil to dry out in between watering.

Make sure that it is protected from cold and drought as it can damage the beautiful foliage.

It can produce flowers though very rarely when kept indoors.

6. Burro’s Tail

Burro's Tail

One of the most interesting succulents will definitely have to be Burro’s Tail.

It owes this title to its unique appearance.

Burro’s Tail can grow up to three feet long and as such it will hang from the pot it is planted in.

It is very delicate to touching so try not to move it as the leaves will fall out.

Keep it in the bright sun and avoid frequent watering (completely during winter) to avoid root rot.

7. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is one of the larger succulent species.

It is really easy to care for and it grows pretty fast.

Its has oval leaves with dented edges that can produce flowers in various colors.

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana can even grow in shaded places. But have in mind that in those case it is less likely to flower.

Keep it in the bright sun for a few hours a day to get it to bloom.

8. Jade plant

jade plant

Otherwise known as the Japanese money plant, the Jade plant is one of the most commonly purchased of all the succulents house plants.

The main reason is that it is really easy to grow.

It can survive in shaded areas but it prefers bright sunlight.

The jade plant can grow pretty tall for a succulent (2 ft) and it can outgrow its pot.

Follow the usual watering instructions for any succulent plant, and be sure that they will grow nicely!

Happy gardening!

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