How To Keep Cats Out Of House Plants

Plants add color and interest to your home. Some of them provide air purification and have loads of benefits for the family.

But there always seems to be a problem as your feline enjoys your indoor plants as much as you. The problem is they love it for all the wrong reasons.

So to find out more about how to keep your cat and plants protected, make sure to read on.

Why Do Cats Love Potted Plants?

cat with plants

Cats are known to chew on plants, and yes, it can cause havoc to your foliage. Some cats use it as their litter box. Or pets can play with the leaves until all of them fall off. So having a cat and houseplants do not always go together.

But you love your pet and your plants and wonder why do they do it. Well, felines are curious by nature, and when anything moves, it becomes prey. Do you remember putting up your Christmas tree for the first time?

Oh yes, you do as your cat went and jumped all over it after the shiny balls and tinsel. Well, if the fronds or leaves tease them, they react. Sometimes they enjoy just digging holes and, even worse, defecate in your planter.

It is not a personal thing, even if it causes you frustration as your poor exotic plant ends up looking like cheese with holes.

Why Do Cats Eat My Plant?

Most exploring cats do through their mouth, so eating plants is part of growing up. While it might not sound enticing for you, we did the same as newborns.

As toddlers, we put everything inside the mouth. So if the plant tastes good, they go back for more, but if it is a cat dislike, your plant is safe.

The problem is that you may have a toxic plant in the home, which can cause severe reactions for your pet. The fact is even a safe plant can result in vomiting, nausea, or an upset stomach.

So constantly monitor your cat and what they are chewing.

Cats Love The Texture of Indoor Plants

Cats are instantly attracted to plants with long leaves and start to gnaw on them. Many veterinarians say it might be that they love the texture. Still, there is also the possibility of having an upset stomach and getting in fiber to move things along.

Felines Love The Movement of Leaves

a cat and a plant

Well, this must be the number one reason that your plant looks like Swiss Cheese. Felines are natural hunters, and if something moves, they prance at it.

Another fact is that your cat might be bored and looking for something to do as they are fed up with being left at home behind closed doors. These are some of the reasons your cats love your houseplants.

But if you’re concerned and want to prevent this from happening, read our section below to cat-proof houseplants.

Proven Ways To Keep Our Cats Out Of Our Plants

Whether you have a cat eating plants or using it like a cat’s litter box, there are some ways you can make cats dislike your houseplants. The truth is you love your feline and your exotic plants and do not want to get rid of either of them. So the best way is to make your foliage unappealing.

Always Have A Spray Bottle With Water In A Corner

The best training technique to keep cats out of houseplants is to have a water spray bottle handy. All you do is give your feline a spritz as they do not love water on them.

But the method works best if you’re home most of the time. You may find your cat gets sneaky and starts making mischief when you’re not around.

Yet, it is worth giving it a shot as cat owners.

Enclose Garden That Cats Can’t Get Inside

enclose outdoor garden

The fastest solution is to move your vandalized plants out of reach. You can try installing floating shelves or use plant hangers hanging from the ceiling. In contrast, heavy plants might work best placed in an off-limits room.

Or you can place a physical barrier around your potted plants keeping cats away. Doing this is effective if you have toxic plants to prevent felines from getting sick. Alternatives are covering the base of the plant with mulch or stone to deter cats from digging.

Make a Repellent Spray

For starters, you can make your indoor plants unappealing for your cat. Felines do not like anything citrus. So you can make a spray using lemon, orange, or lime with water to spray on the leaves. We are sure it will prevent a feline invasion.

Or you can use a bitter apple spray or place lemon peels around the soil. Another prevention for cat digging is to cover the earth using aluminum foil, and if your cat scratches the pot, wrap some double-sided sticky tape as the surface is not nice beneath their paws.

Lastly, you can buy a bitter lemon spray such as Bodhi Dog, which works well, and you find it available at pet stores.

Clean Their Litter Box

cat's hightech litter

There is a big possibility that the root of the concern is your cat’s litter box if they are using your household plants instead.

Make sure their box is clean and easy to access. If the problem persists, it helps to change the type of litter you use. Some feline friends can get picky when you use the same litter products for years.

So if that box is old, invest in a new litter box.

Hanging Baskets or Make Use of Macrame Plant Hangers

If all else fails, you may need to resort to placing your plants where your feline friend is not able to do any harm. The best way to achieve this, especially with more miniature houseplants, is using hanging baskets or macrame plant hangers. Or you can use containers mounted to the walls.

Be Creative And Provide Your Cat With Entertainment

cat with toys

If your feline is not part of the outdoor cats family, they might be bored. Invest some money in puzzle toys for cats, such as the indoor hunting feeder filled with hidden cat food. Your cat likes hunting, and it will nurture its natural hunting instinct. Or, if your feline has loads of toys and is not interested in playing with them, you can always use a pheromone spray instead.

Place Cat Grass or Catnip To Your Cat’s Favorite Spot


Okay, your cat loves chewing on your plants. So why not solve the problem by giving them their own plant. Having a pot of catnip is something that will get any cat’s attention.

Or even having a container of cat grass that is a mix of oat and barley is also healthy. The notable thing is that cat grass is packed with nutrients to promote your feline’s health.

In contrast, catnip produces euphoric behavior in your cats.

Final Thought

We hope that tips help to cat-proof houseplants in your home. Yes, most cats love your indoor plants, but some alterations and providing your cat with things they love might do the trick.

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