Orchid Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Did you know that each colored orchid flower has a meaning the same as each rainbow color? The meaning and symbolism are different and unique in themselves. Whether you have blue, purple, orange, yellow, pink, white, or red, they’re all unique. You may treat your orchids as an indoor or outdoor plants, the most important thing to remember is they should receive amount of light inorder to produce flowers.

While the orchids meaning is charm and beauty, fertility and refinement, they provide glorious blooms for any celebration. So, spread the joy as Plantly will help you select a perfect orchid hue for any upcoming occasion with friends and family.

White Orchid Symbolism

white moth orchid

Do you have a friend getting married? Then, steer away from traditional wedding gifts. Instead, gift newlyweds with a white moth orchid or a phalaenopsis to show much you care about them. The exotic flowers with curved stems make an exceptional statement piece on a table.

The white orchids symbolize purity for safety, elegance, innocence, beauty, and humility. So show your friends new beginnings with this orchid flower.

Pink Orchid Flowers

pink Cattleya orchid

Yes, the pink orchid symbolism means grace, happiness, love, fertility, and gentleness. It is ideal for giving to a growing family or an expected mom-to-be to celebrate the new bundle of joy. You can add them as decor at baptisms, weddings, and baby showers.

A pink Cattleya orchid flower is excellent for a couple on their 14th and 25th wedding anniversary.

Purple Orchids

purple vanda orchid

Nothing says it more on Mothers Day than gifting your mom with an exotic purple orchid. Forget about your typical bouquets as a small orchid pot with the blooms displayed can last for seasons on end.

The purple orchids symbolize respect, royalty, elegance, and admiration. Choose a Vanda orchid with its purple-colored flowers to show mom how much you love her. You can send it to anyone you feel respect for as it displays breathtaking blooms.

Orange Orchid Flowers

orange orchid

Orange orchids shout creativity and excitement, bringing sunshine and success into any space. The orchid flower symbolism of enthusiasm will be noticed when placed at a celebration. You can gift it to someone for a promotion at work, a new adventure, or bring a boost of inspiration to your workplace. So if you feel pride in what you do, gift yourself a delicate beauty to place on your desk.

Yellow Orchid Flowers

yellow oncidium orchid

The yellow orchid shouts optimism, and the color is cheerful with a symbolic meaning of friendship. It is a bright yet brilliant bloom to send to a long-distance friend reminding them of your friendship. You can send it to another person starting with a new chapter in their life.

The Oncidium orchid is a well-known flower known as the Dancing Ladies producing yellow blooms. So, let your family and friends know how much you care for them by giving them these gorgeous flowers.

Blue Orchid

blue orchid

The blue orchid flower means natural beauty found in people near and dear to your heart. It also symbolizes rarity, uniqueness, and beauty and is a symbol of spirituality. So gift family, friends, and colleagues you trust and respect with the blue orchid flower.

Green Orchid

green orchids

Send green orchids to family and friends who need extra luck and blessings. It is a meaningful gesture and inspired symbol giving good fortune, health, nature, and longevity. When looking at the Japanese culture displaying a green orchid in the office or home brings good luck into life.

Red Orchid

red orchid

In Aztec’s time to enhance power, they would drink an elixir made of orchids and chocolate. Red orchids represent courage, desire, love, passion, and romance. It is a bold bloom to send to a deeply loved person paired with roses. It is a perfect flower to bring home romance. Make sure to place this red blooming orchid near a sunny window if treated as an indoor plant for you not to miss a red hue happening inside your home.

Yes, orchids mean refinement, beauty, charm, love, and thoughtfulness. It is a perfect flower to celebrate precious moments with others in your life. You can find a wide array of orchid colors to gift someone special in your life.

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