Philodendron Florida Beauty Plant Care

For a collector’s houseplant favorite, the Philodendron Florida Beauty fits comfortably in any home.

Now, do not get confused with the Florida Ghost with green petioles and no bumps. Florida beauty may look the same as the ghost but with smooth and variegated foliage. Another rare plant of the philodendron family.

The Philodendron Pedatum comes from the same plant species and means tree hugger. So make sure you invest in a climbing pole for this plant.

What is the Philodendron Florida Beauty?

How to care for the Florida Beauty Plant comes down to where it came from. The plant has deep yet greenish foliage with gnarled red stems in a salmon pink with red bumpy callus.

It is a fast climber and easy to grow while performing excellently indoors wrapped around a burlap totem or even outdoors around your preferred tree.

Philodendron Florida Beauty Classification

Philodendron Florida Beauty

Philodendron Florida Beauty Care Basics

philodendron florida beauty

The good news is that the Philodendron Florida Beauty variegated care is not too complicated and needs little care when placed indoors or outside. As long as you grow it in mild climates with moist soil and organic matter it thrives.

You can put it in a pot outdoors, hanging baskets on a ground cover to make a gorgeous tree wrap.

Humidity and Temperature 

The Florida Beauty, compared to the Philodendron Florida Ghost, needs a temperature between 55°- 80°F to thrive. The Ghost enjoys temperatures between 65°-95°F. So no matter if you plan to buy one or both, your plant is sensitive to cold.

Therefore, before the winter comes, it helps to have the appropriate temperatures to prevent freezing.

Yet, do not place your tropical plant too close to an open window or near an AC. One thing you need not concern yourself about is humidity. As long as your plant has modest moisture, it will survive.

No matter where you plan to place your Beauty, make sure it has high humidity, and if you live in drier areas, you may need to create more moisture in your living space.

Here are some excellent ways to create more moisture for your plants:

  • You can fill a tray with pebbles, water to flow over the stones, and place your plant on it without touching the water.
  • Alternatively, you can use a humidifier or place other plants around it.

Recommended Lighting 

Another crucial Philodendron Florida Beauty plant care is to decide where you plan to place your houseplant. Your greenery thrives in medium sunlight as direct sunlight causes problems scorching the funky leaves.

Depending on where you live, you can set it at a north-facing window but not too close to it.

Alternatively, you can use a grow light and place them five inches away, but they must not sit directly under the bulb. This is because the tropical plant needs equal day and night light, and your artificial lights need to provide at least 12 hours of light in the day and darkness at night.

Here is an interesting article you can read concerning artificial lighting made available by the University of Minnesota.

What Type of Pot Should You Buy?

When you buy your ladder charmer, it will already be in a vessel to place in the home. However, when the time comes to replant your plant that looks like it has glad-handed ready to grab anything, we recommend the following:


Ideal Soil Mix

As with most tropical plants, this one also needs well-drained soil and needs to drain while watering. In addition, according to the UCONN, you need to provide your Florida Beauty with high organic matter.

You can buy the best potting soil for your plant online or use Sphagnum plant moss instead.

Sphagnum is coarse to hold onto the water and helps with aeration for the water to flow through.

organic matter

If you decide to purchase an organic mix, it consists of peat, bark, and charcoal which is a bit acidic and has a small alkaline pH. However, peat moss provides a more natural habitat.

Watering Schedule

Your outdoor plant needs watering once a week, and the soil should not be left dry for too long or too wet. Before watering your charmer, ensure the soil is dry at the first two layers of 2 inches using your finger to test it. During colder months, you will find it needs watering less than about three times.


You need the best nutrition for your well-being, correct? Therefore, the Philodendron Florida Beauty or any other plant such as the Philodendron Florida Ghost needs a rich nitrogen fertilizer. The nitrogen adds growth to the leaves and provides green health.

While many people recommend doing this occasionally, Plantly prefers doing it more often with half the use than you would normally. Before giving it fertilizer, make sure the soil is moist to prevent hurting the roots.

Repotting and Propagation

Your climbing enchanter only needs repotting every two to three years as it grows slowly. However, if you are uncertain when to do this, you can keep an eye on the roots poking through the drainage holes. The reason is that Florida Beauty does not enjoy cramped spaces.

Furthermore, the best time to repot and propagate your plant is during spring, as it is the time the plant grows. Plantly has two methods available right here:

Before you start with any of the following methods, make sure the shears you use are sterilized.

Stem Cuttings 

  • Take your shears and cut between two to four inches in length above a leaf node with at least two leaves attached.
  • Take your cutting and place it in a glass of tepid water. Place in a warm environment for a couple of weeks until you notice the roots developing.
  • Make sure to provide your cutting with clean water every three days. In the meantime, get your container ready to plant the cutting.
  • When the time is right, make a hole with your finger to place the stem cutting. Then, put it in the ground and pack the soil around it.
  • To hold the cutting straight, you can use a straw to prevent them from falling over.
  • Now, wait for it to grow and care for it, as mentioned above.

Air Layering

The process involves wounding the plant with your sterilized knife.

  • Cut a slit into the stem towards the top and not too deep—about a 2″ deep by 2″ length slit.
  • Take a toothpick and stick it through to hold it open.
  • Take some sphagnum peat moss and wet it but make sure it is moist to stick to the branch and rub it around the wound.
  • Take some string to tie it around the moss to keep it in place and wrap it with plastic wrap but not too tight as you may need to moisten it if it gets dry.
  • In the meantime, get a container ready for your new plant using the above methods mentioned.
  • The sprouting of new roots can take up to three weeks, and once you notice this happening, you can remove it from the stem.
  • You’ll need to cut a few inches above and below the wounded section using a sterilized knife. Remove everything, but be careful as you do not want to damage the roots.
  • Plant in the new pot, water it and place it in light as you did when you received your plant.

Growth Zone

usda map

How to take care of the Florida Beauty plant depends on the zones you live. For outdoor growing zones, 9 to 11 works well, and for the patio, it thrives in zones 4a to 11.

Florida Beauty Philodendron Varieties

When it comes to Florida Beauty, some other varieties and plants look similar.

The Philodendron Florida Ghost

philodendron florida ghost

Looks similar to Florida beauty with longer stems, and several lobes, starting white giving its name.

Philodendron Pedatum

philodendron pedatum

Has the same similarities as the Florida Beauty with thinner lobes and a climber.

Philodendron Florida Beauty Diseases & Pests

You can find some concerns with your Florida Beauty and need to be aware of them for your foliage to survive. One of the main culprits is fire blight disease caused by bacteria spreading and attacking its growth.

The first noticeable sign is the branches turning dark brown or black. With time an oozy lesion pops out and can kill your plant.

The best is to prune the infected branches and leaves to prevent the disease from spreading. Also, cut down with fertilization to prevent the bacteria from attacking.

Another concern is mealybugs that look like waxy cotton. These critters breed fast, and Neem oil best removes this pest.

Frequently Asked Questions

The two plants look similar, with leaves looking like Grab Hands. Both are vining plants with the same primary care, but the Ghost has white leaves when sprouting compared to the dark green shade of the Florida Beauty.

No, but the two look similar, with the only difference in the leaves. The Ghost is also a climber, and the leaves start white and turn yellow-green when it matures. At the same time, the Philodendron Pedatum leaves are dark green. 

Yes, it is a rare plant that climbs and has multi-lobed leaves with attractive qualities, making it a great add-on in any houseplant collection.

While you can buy it from different botanists online, there is no need to as you are already here. Instead, you can buy it directly from Plantly.

Whether you want to buy, sell or simply reach out to other plant enthusiasts, Plantly is the right place to be!


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