10 Houseplant Trends in 2022

What’s a new year without new indoor plants? Whether you’re a newbie plant collector or someone who’s been doing it for a very long time, it’s important to keep an eye on new plant trends. Maintaining the old houseplants in your living space isn’t just enough. There must always be room for new ones, right?

To help you pick, we’ve collected here some popular houseplant trends for 2022. Here you go:

Add The Kalanchoe To Your Plant Collection

kalanchoe plants

Succulents make for excellent potted plants, and the Kalanchoeis one particular plant with thick leaves adding color to any living space. You can grow it in the garden or place it in your home to add color.

Recently, Plantlyhas seen a rise in searches for this plant making waves in 2022. It is a typical coffee table or desk plant that is small and blooms colorful flowers for weeks.

Even the foliage is attractive and shiny. The plant is low-maintenance and eye-catching, growing cute baby plants found on the edges of the leaves.

Chinese Money Plant Are Stunning Indoor Plants

Chinese money plant

You can add a tropical feel to your home with the money plant. The fascinating thing is that you’ll find this plant featured in Scandanavian interiors.

It has pancake-shaped leaves that look adorable and give a burst of color when placed against white walls. It is an easy plant to care for, bringingluck and good fortune to the home.

You can set your plant on a windowsill or on that sad-looking bookshelf.

A Very Particular Plant Alocasia Silver Dragon

Alocasia silver dragon

One of the hottest houseplant trends is adding this rare plant to your collection. It is an extraordinary plant with remarkable silver-green leaves. The foliage resembles the scales of a dragon.

You will notice the new leaves emerging smooth and small with a jade-green hue. As it matures, the leaves form the shape of a shield and have grooves, but it remains relatively compact. So please place it in bright filtered light and keep the soil slightly damp for a happy plant.

A Fab Houseplant to Have Snake Plants

snake plant

Okay, if you already do not have one, then one of the plant trends for 2022 is the snake plant. It makes for a great beginner plant, and having a green thumb is not needed as they are hard to kill.

You can neglect it for a couple of weeks with its strappy leaves, and it still looks fresh. On the other hand, you can place them in low light with some drought and have minor pest problems. Another remarkable thing about the houseplant is that it keeps air pollution out of your home.

These species are hardy, so get your hands on one and see that you too can have a gardener’s thumb.

The Fern is a Beautiful Plant

boston fern

More trending houseplants are the fern collection like the Boston fern that you can keep in your bathroom at the window. The plant gives positive energy and is easy to care for.

With their ruffled textured leaves, they add appeal to any interior space. Providing them with high humidity like your bathroom and indirect light is essential.

Also, make sure the soil remains damp and does not dry out and when watered, make sure it drains thoroughly.

Areca Palm: Considered an Endangered Species

Areca Palm

Another search increase Plantly saw is this tall attractive Areca Palm from Madagascar and is on their endangered species list. When they grow in clumps, it sometimes has smooth golden trunks that look like bamboo.

Provide it with bright indirect light to full sun and keep them in well-draining peat-based soil to thrive. When you provide them with moist soil, they are happy and make an excellent houseplant for an indoor jungle setting.

Strelitzia — Bird of Paradise

Bird's of Paradise

Yes, tropical plants are also one of the latest houseplant trends you can find in 2022. The Bird of Paradise is one of those colorful options to add to your home. The bright flower is a head-turner.

Another extraordinary thing about plant care is that it is pretty easy to take care of this plant. It stands proud and tall in brightly lit spaces with its elegant, fanned yet slender stem and huge paddle-like leaves.

But, one thing is for sure it will emit an exotic vibe no matter where you place it.

An Extra Large Houseplant Fiddle Leaf Fig

fiddle leaf fig

If you want new plants to add a flair of color, then the fiddle leaf figs are what you need. It is a big houseplant and needs space to flourish. You can find them in extra-large varieties, including the Swiss-cheese plant.

While the plant is finicky sometimes, they thrive in proper conditions. All they need is a bit of warmth, a lot of bright dappled light with high humidity. So give them plenty of water but watch out for overwatering.

Then, add some tend loving care, and you have one happy plant.

Beautiful Houseplants Philodendron Birkin

philodendron birkin

One of the top trending houseplants is the Philodendron Birkin with its dark green leaves. It is a new kid on the block and is becoming a popular houseplant. The plant looks fabulous, but that is not all it is as it has loads of other benefits.

The Birkin is brilliant at purifying the air from pollutants and will add a breath of fresh air to any living space. Furthermore, it will add some color to your office or home, adding a great vibe at the same time.

Fishbone Cactus Without The Spikes

Fishbone cactus

The zigzag cactus or fishbone cactus comes from Mexico and is a trending houseplant that is fun and easy to care for. If taken care of with some TLC, the plant rewards you with great-smelling flowers. So, invite this ornamental plant into your home as you will not regret it.

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