3 Most Expensive Plants to Sell That will Take Your Breath Away

People who have been practicing gardening for quite some time often decide to make their hobby something they can profit off of too.

However, profiting off of gardening isn’t as easy a task as it may seem since some plants cost you a lot to grow and take care of. But their price isn’t really that great on the market.

Lucky for you, we created a list of some of the most expensive plants to sell that are very popular among gardeners. And that will certainly bring you a lot of money since they are very rare!

3 Most Expensive Plants to Sell

1. Variegated Alocasia Dragon Scale

3 Most Expensive Plants to Sell That will Take Your Breath Away, Plantly

Alocasia Dragon Scale is one of the most beautiful plants out there. It is well-known for its beautifully structured leaves of a very dark green color.

Its leaves have a mesmerizing vein-like texture that will leave you out of breath. This is the reason why it got the name dragon scale.

Even though Alocasia Dragon Scale is very popular and expensive on the market, one of its rare species is the Variegated Alocasia. It is even harder to find and grow.

Leaves of Variegated Alocasia have a beautiful green color when the plant is still young. They tend to change to darker shades of green or even purple as the leaves start to age.

Since this plant has origins in tropical regions, it can only thrive in very hot and humid environments. Sadly, this is something that not everyone can provide their plant with.

Growing Variegated Alocasia Dragon Scale means you’ll need to have very strong grow lights and a growing system that will keep its soil humid enough all the time. This is something that only professional commercial growers invest in, usually.

It may sound like a plant that requires great expenses in order to grow well, but investing 200 or 300 dollars in this mechanism is not a big amount of money. Especially when you realize that the price of one pot of this plant is somewhere between 280 and 350 dollars on the market.

This is a plant that won’t take you too much time to take care of once you invest in a solid growing system. And it will certainly bring you a lot of money.

It is an indoor plant that has become crazy popular among gardeners and people who look for exotic plants to enrich their homes. Which is a guarantee that yours will be sold out as soon as they get on the market.

2. Anthurium Luxurians

Anthurium Luxurians expensive plants

Anthurium Luxurians is one of the plants that became insanely popular during the past few years since people in the interior design industry are going crazy over it.

This species is of indescribable beauty and has one of the most aesthetically pleasing foliage I have ever seen.

With its structure similar to that of a diamond, this plant changes colors over the seasons and years.

A young Anthurium Luxurians has leaves of a very pale color, so plate that they are almost see-through, similar to that of porcelain. As it ages, its leaves change colors. First darkening into a pale green shade, then transitioning to a wonderful dark brown color, similar to that of tasty chocolate.

In the end, the plants’ leaves become forest green, staying that way till the end of their life.

What made this species very popular is the fact that it lives longer than most plants. And that once its leaves are fully grown, it doesn’t need much care except for regular watering.

It makes a beautiful tropical addition and detail to every home and will last you for years if you take proper care of it.

Its leaves don’t fall out and it is usually 50 to 60 centimeters tall, which makes it suitable for all types of interiors.

The starting price for this Anthurium Luxurians plant is well above 1000 dollars. But it will cost you as much as any other plant that needs the help of a growing system in order to grow.

3. Ginseng


Ginseng is a species of herbal supplement that has become very popular in the health and wellness industry during the past 5 years, but also in the beauty industry.

It is considered to be great for your immune system and overall health. But it is also the main component of many different beauty products like face creams or sheet masks.

Everyone wants to have a piece of ginseng in their home that they will be able to use for many different things. But unfortunately, it is successfully grown only in professional gardening conditions.

In some areas where this species is on the verge of becoming extinct, it is illegal to harvest its roots. So many people need to search throughout different online plant marketplaces in order to find themselves a pound or two of ginseng.

The price per pound of a ginseng plant can differ from one season to another. But it is never less than 500 dollars.

Many commercial growers have their loyal customers who buy the ginseng plant only from them. Which can sometimes lead to them growing a whole garden of ginseng, not giving too much attention to other types of plants.

In Asia, there are also many commercial growers who have turned to growing ginseng only. It is a highly covetable plant both in the wellness and beauty industry, so some growers often tend to grow this plant only for one specific company.

I believe that ginseng has become very popular in your area too, and that there are many different companies that produce things based on ginseng that will appreciate buying from someone who is local and close to them, rather than ordering hundreds of pounds online.

Final Word

For all gardeners that seek to upgrade their little garden and take it to another level, it would be best to research the market in your area and find out which plants are rare and hard to find (rare plants) but still very popular and expensive.

The price of some plants can differ from one region or one continent to another. This means a plant that is hard to find in Europe can be pretty common for the Asian marketplace.

These were just some of the plants that are very expensive to sell but very cheap to grow. And I am sure that you will be able to earn a lot of money off of them.

Whether you want to buy, sell or simply reach out to other plant enthusiasts, Plantly is the right place to be!

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