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Aglaonema, also known as “Chinese Evergreen“, belongs to the genus of flowering plants in the arum family, Araceae. A favorite houseplant to many for their ease of care and air purifying ability, aglaonema varieties offer great features from their foliage variation, color patterns, leaf shapes, sizes, and venation.

Top 20 Most Love Aglaonema Varieties

To widen your options, take a look at some of the most-adored Aglaonema varieties that Plantly has specially curated for you!

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor

aglaonema pictum tricolor

A slow-growing sub-tropical shrub, it is also referred to as a camouflage plant due to its unique pattern. The name Pictum tricolor is evidently associated with its tricolor characteristic ranging from light green to dark green leaves with remarkable white spots. It will ideally thrive in a place that receives indirect bright light.

A rare Aglaonema variety, it prefers a moist but well-drained potting mix, as well as a warm and humid environment.

Aglaonema Red Valentine

Aglaonema Red Valentine

A hardy tropical plant, this variety is known for its light pink foliage pattern that just gives a lovely touch to any space. A low-light tolerant plant, just like all its other green counterparts, the Aglaonema Red Valentine prefers a bright indirect light to maintain its fascinating foliage patterns.

This houseplant is not a fan of overwatering, so make sure you check first if the base is dry before adding in moisture. For beginners, low-light conditions are better suited for the plant so it won’t drop its leaves and lose its light pink patterns.

Aglaonema Chocolate

Aglaonema chocolate

One great characteristic of this Aglaonema species that will certainly catch your eyes is its dark green foliage that is often highlighted with burgundy venation. This adorable aglaonema variety is also tolerant to low light conditions but prefers bright and indirect light. It is best watered when the soil has dried to about 1/2 way down its pot or container.

Aglaonema Silver Bay

Aglaonema silver bay

The Aglaonema Silver Bay is known for its lush and pale silver-green to dark green leaves. Although may appear similar to Aglaonema silver queen, the silver bay is quite versatile in size and thus the bigger ones may be placed on the floor, and the smaller ones and on top of desks or windowsills. Known as a low-maintenance houseplant, this Chinese evergreen is relatively fast-growing and may also thrive under light, medium, to low-light conditions.

Aglaonema First Diamond

Aglaonema First Diamond

This subtropical Aglaonema variety is known for its striking off-white foliage pattern with dark green edges and pale green stems. Invite this green friend to your home and experience that tiny tropical rainforest vibe without so much pressure as this happens to be a tough plant!

They thrive well at higher ambient temperatures and must be misted often to maintain an ideal humidity level. A medium-light to bright light is needed for these highly variegated Aglaonema plants.

Aglaonema Prestige

Aglaonema prestige

This evergreen perennial also flaunts a green to pink foliage with distinct pink veins held together by bright pink stems. This cultivar makes a lovely addition to your plant collection. They are best placed on a spot that receives an ample amount of indirect light, but they are also adaptive to low light conditions.

Aglaonema Prestige also prefers moist and well-drained potting medium.

Aglaonema Silver Queen

Aglaonema silver queen

The silver queen aglaonema is known for its lance-shaped leaves with silver-green patterns. It can tolerate some degree of shade at room temperature, making them a great houseplant. Like most aglaonema plants, they prefer moist and well-draining soil under high relative humidity which one can easily maintain by regular misting.

The application of slow-release fertilizer also proves to be beneficial, especially during the growing season.

Aglaonema Cutlass

Aglaonema Cutlass

Being an interior design staple, the aglaonema cutlass features dark green glossy leaves with striking marbling. Imagine that chic tropical vibe!

It grows relatively slow thus requiring only minimal maintenance. They thrive under low to bright light levels, but those varieties with plain dark green foliage are better suited in shaded spots. Above-average moisture levels must be avoided and the base of the plant may be allowed to dry out in between watering.

Aglaonema Pink Dalmatian

Aglaonema Pink Dalmatian

As the name connotes, the aglaonema pink dalmatian shows off a translucent pale pink pattern of metallic dense foliage. The contrasting shade of pink and green makes a unique ensemble that would simply light up any space. Being native to the tropical forest of the Philippines, they thrive in a warm, humid, and bright indirect light.

Regularly water in order to keep the soil moist, but not soggy that it might result in root rotting.

Aglaonema Creta

Aglaonema Creta

Contrasting dark to light green foliage with bright red edges and bright pink stems, this Chinese evergreen is a real show stopper. They are quite easy to tend to, hence they are often a favorite for beginners. The somewhat colorful foliage is also maintained at low and indirect light.

Allowing the base to dry in between watering is also beneficial, as these indoor plants generally do not like overwatering.

Aglaonema Maria

Aglaonema Maria

Aglaonema Maria is a classy variegated plant due to its bright green leaves with abstract patterns. Known to be highly versatile and adaptable, Chinese evergreens can tolerate low light conditions although they mostly prefer bright indirect light. They are best watered when 1 to 2 inches top of the soil already feels dry.

As an indoor plant, they would go perfectly near a windowsill or well-lit desk to give you that tropic inspiration.

Aglaonema Red Anjamani

Aglaonema Red Anjamani

A highly decorative plant, this pink aglaonema is recognized for its large and narrow oval leaves. The foliage with hot pink tones and green edges is supported by short stems. Relatively slow-growing and their position for light exposure also range from partial shade to bright indirect light.

It thrives well in a warmer and humid environment. As with most aglaonema varieties, it is better to have them established in rich well-draining soil.

Aglaonema Bidadari

Aglaonema Bidadari

Aglaonema Bidadari’s translucent pale pink and light green leaves are a true wonder to behold. Also considered as a lucky plant, they are often cared for indoor. Having seemingly lighter foliage, they are best grown under bright light but can also tolerate low light conditions.

An average level of humidity and adequate watering is favorable for their optimum growth.

Aglaonema Diamond Bay

Aglaonema Diamond Bay

This beautiful variegated plant also features lance-shaped leaves having a grey-green center and irregular deep green edges. This aglaonema variety is a reliable houseplant to bring in that exotic vibe. They can readily thrive in most light levels as well as in normal room temperature, but they prefer a moist soil condition, hence the base of the plant should not be allowed to dry.

Aglaonema Modestum

Aglaonema Modestum

This Chinese evergreen proves to be an amazing backdrop due to its lush, variegated large green leaves and dark green stems. Usually grown indoors, they prefer bright indirect light but can also tolerate some level of shade. A good potting medium that is allowed to dry in between watering favors optimum growth, promoting denser foliage.

Aglaonema Super White

Aglaonema super white

With their almost pure white leaves and delicate green veins, they really do stand out among other Chinese evergreen plants. These divine-looking foliage plants are better placed in warm spots under part shade to full shaded condition. They also prefer well-draining soil and thus should be allowed to dry out before watering.

A clumping growth habit certainly makes these plants aesthetically pleasing!

Aglaonema Pink Moon

Aglaonema Pink Moon

A rare Aglaonema variety that features large oval-shaped leaves with prominent pink moon-like specks. The dark green foliage is accented with stunning pink veins that run down the center. Allow the upper half of the soil to get dry before watering and have them settle in a humid spot receiving bright indirect sunlight.

In colder regions where the air tends to become dry, the plant could benefit from regularly maintaining a good moisture level by misting or placing them together with other plants.

Aglaonema White Rain

Aglaonema White Rain

Aglaonema white rain is a reliable houseplant in terms of its calming nature and ease of care. Its attractive foliage ranges from light green to deep green with some degree of paleness along the midrib. A slow-growing and bushy characteristic certainly make it an ideal houseplant as it can tolerate low light conditions.

They are also suited to a well-draining soil, as well as a warm temperature and a humid environment.

Aglaonema Prosperity

Aglaonema Prosperity @hurticultured

Among pink aglaonema varieties, the color of their foliage appears to be a stunning splash of pink and green shades. Their exquisitely undefined pattern is truly an art of nature!

Like most aglaonema varieties, Aglaonema prosperity does not like too much water as it makes them vulnerable to root rot. However, a moist soil condition is preferred, as well as a bright and indirect light.

Aglaonema Harlequin

Aglaonema Harlequin

Another pink variety of Chinese evergreens, the Aglaonema Harlequin flaunts a light to deep green mottled foliage with pink veins. When subjected to bright light, the leaves may develop a yellow tone that makes the pink color rather pale to an almost pastel-like shade.

Grows only about 12 inches, this aglaonema species is a perfect indoor plant for a chic and rustic vibe at home. Rich soil with a loose texture that is allowed to dry in between watering promotes optimum growth. They will thrive under bright light to low light conditions provided that there is good ventilation.

Final Thought

A staple for interior landscaping, Chinese evergreens are among the well-loved decorative plants due to their interesting foliage and color variations. As most have originated from the tropics, planting them in rich soil in a humid and fairly lighted environment certainly promotes favorable growth. For home gardeners and enthusiasts, it’s easy to fall in love with Agrlaonemas as it’s always a plus factor when a plant offers great aesthetic value without the need for intensive care.

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