Anthurium Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without the beautiful flower? For sure, it won’t be exciting like not having music. But, flowers bring color with smells into our lives. Now, one such flower with many hidden powers is the Anthurium flower.

Not only do the heart-shaped flowers brighten up bridal bouquets, but they bring life into your home. You find the flamingo flower in diverse colors, and today we are going to journey with this exotic beauty to find out what meaning and symbolism it can provide you. Plantly is here to guide you.

Anthurium Meaning

With the heart-shaped leaves of the tail flower, you find them in wedding arrangements and housewarming gifts. In addition, the Anthurium andraeanum is displayed at retirement celebrations and removes toxins in the home.

So, as it can adapt to different environments in warmth and cold, it is known as the hospitality flower. Furthermore, the flower meanings also include hospitality and abundance. The name Anthurium comes from the Greek words anthos, meaning flower, and oura, which means tail, as it has a tail-like spadix.

Because of the unusual and unique shape of the heart-shaped blooms, flower lovers call it the flamingo flower, which belongs to the Arum family. The lance-shaped leaves are huge with a heart shape and have flower bracts in the same form.

Once it blooms, the buds are tiny flowers that grow along the spadix and arise from the spathe base.

What does Anthurium Flowers mean?

anthurium plants flowering

The Anthurium plant adapts to different environments, and it is a plant of happiness as it spreads people’s joy. The heart-shaped foliage reminds you of love, and in the home, it attracts positive vibes.

Furthermore, the flamingo flowers symbolize abundance as they bring everything into your living space. It attracts positivity and becomes the focal point in a living space. Lastly, the painted tongue, another fascinating name, brings hospitality as the flower is inviting, calling everyone inside.

Tail Flower Symbolism

anthurium tailflowers

Universally the symbolic meaning of the Anthurium andraeanum is hospitality. The exotic beauty flourishes anywhere, from the office to the home. The flower’s bright colors brighten up a place, and it needs little care or watering.

The cut flowers look fabulous in floral bouquets and retain their loveliness for a long time. You see them as wedding displays and bridal bouquets. As a plant, it makes for a delightful gift for a hostess or, as mentioned previously, a housewarming gift.

Flamingo Flower Color Meaning

You can find the Anthurium plant in different colors, and each flower color has a meaning depending on the hue when you gift a person in your life.

  • The White Anthurium Flower is innocence and purity. Therefore, it is a perfect gift for baptism to display motherly love in floral wedding displays. The reason is that white flowers have always represented the pureness of a child.

  • Red Anthuriums is admiration, passion, and love making it perfect for romance showing the person that they’re special. As with most flowers, the red color displays affection.

  • Pink Anthurium flowers also symbolize feminity and love not given romantically. A pink flower is perfect for giving to someone when visiting them for the first time.

  • Purple Anthurium displays royalty and is an eye-catching colour that also shows passion. Purple is high on the list for flower lovers to have a modern decor design in the home.

  • Green Anthurium plants are robust and grow with hope and freshness. You can gift the flower to anyone.

Furthermore, this outdoor plant has loads of benefits and uses. For example, Anthurium can remove toxins in the home even if it is a highly toxic plant with calcium oxalate crystals that is not safe for humans or pets.

The Secret Messages

The Anthurium in ancient cultures believed that when you place the flowers in steam baths, it helps for the muscles aches. Yet, whether you have a pink, green, white, red, or purple, each has a secret message when gifting it to someone.

It is a flower of abundance, and this indoor plant brings hospitality into the home for any occasion. When it blooms, the plants are the center of attention. So with the symbolism of the plant, spread the word by gifting it to someone in your life.

One thing is for sure you will bring happiness into their lives.

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