Best Plants for Macramé Plant Hanger


In the world of home décor, it’s no secret that hanging indoor plants is currently a movement. So if you want to upscale your interior home décor or add some flair by hanging outdoor hanging plants, make sure to read on.

  1. Why You Should Get Hanging Plants
  2. What is a Macramé Plant Hanger
  3. Types of Macramé Plant Hangers
  4. Best Plants for Macramé Plant Hanger

Why You Should Get Hanging Plants

Recently plant awareness has boomed on social media for a good reason. For one, a plant has always been part of every home. If you want instant charm with style and warmth, a hanging planter is an easy option to achieve this. 

You can liven up your backyard, living room, or porch with wall-hanging plants. Furthermore, it provides you with emotional health benefits. (Link to How to Add More Houseplants to Your Home.)

While it improves your quality in the air, it is very space-saving, especially if you do not have a garden. For this reason, indoor hanging plants work well in a condo or on a balcony. Moreover, it adds beauty and texture to any living space.

Once you introduce a plant into your home, it is like a breath of fresh air. With a macramé hanger, you add infinite texture to your house. You can go for something silky, bushy, or fuzzy. Furthermore, it makes your home more inviting for visitors.

Lastly, it is a mood lifter and helps reduce stress to increase your overall well-being.

What is a Macramé Plant Hanger

macrame plant hangers

If you want to create a bohemian style in your home, the best way to achieve this is with a macramé plant hanger. The old tradition of using knotting techniques and rope presents you with a stylish yet trendy way to display your indoor and outside plants. 

The pots hanging from the ceiling or against the wall allow some color and fresh air into the home. Yet, it also makes it easier for you to care for them and creates more space in a small place. Here you can find some DIY macramé plant hanger projects using basic knots and patterns. (Link to DIY Macramé Hanging Plant Patterns for Beginners)

Types of Macramé Plant Hangers


Every home deserves a stylish place to hang indoor plants. For an exciting way to display your plants, a macramé plant hanger is a way to go. It offers you convenience and is affordable to buy if you are not DIY inclined. You can find different types of macramé plant hangers as seen here:

A Simple Pattern

If simplicity is your thing, the best is to hang a simple macramé pattern making your plant the highlight of the home. The Mkono Macramé is a simple indoor wall hanging planter basket with a long flower pot holder to add some boho home décor style to any living space.

Go All Colorful

A traditional macramé plant hanger is white or brown. However, when it comes to color options, you can splash it out with all the rainbow colors. As a result, your room will pop with color, giving it a modern design that is sure to become the highlight in your living space. An excellent example is this pack of five AISTO Indoor & Outdoor Décor Bundles with Ceiling Hooks and S Hooks available in different shades.

Combine Different Macramé Thread Textures

While most macramé designs have a rope-like texture, you can find hangers made with other materials like cotton, beads using rope, or a t-shirt in the home. An excellent example is the Foxgor Macramé Plant Hanger with decorative wood beads.

Add Some Embellishment

For an eccentric style, you can find macramé plant hangers using beads instead of knots. Some even have jewels or any other form of accessories to make it look beautiful. Check out these exciting macramé plant hanger tutorials here.

Best Plants for Macramé Plant Hanger

Whether you’re hanging plants outdoors or want indoor hanging plants – what to put in a macramé hanger is easy with these plants.

Air Plant – Tillandsia

air plants

The plant is an indoor gardener’s favorite for hanging in the home. The plant needs little care, and you can display it in different creative ways. For example, you can hang them in a macramé plant hanger or hang them in glass capsules. Alternatively, you can mount them on walls. These plants need no soil to survive, and you can add colorful trinkets to them. The important thing is to provide them with good air circulation and bright light.

Arrowhead Plant – Syngonium Podophyllum

arrow head synognium

The arrowhead vines or the five-finger comes from the plants changing leaf shape. The leaves grow as arrowheads and eventually develop into fingers. It grows into a long vine with time, and to help keep it growing, let them grow nice and long using a macramé plant hanger. The shade of the plant ranges from green, burgundy to pink. They love humid conditions and work well in your kitchen or bathroom. When suspended high, the leaves hang down.

Birds Nest Fern – Asplenium Nidus

bird nest fern

The plant latches to other plants in the wild to grow. Furthermore, the shape of the leaves depends on how much sun it gets. With more exposure to the sun, it grows crunched up while less sun flattens out the leaves. When hanging them in a macramé plant hanger, less sun is better as overexposing them turns yellow. They love humidity, making them a suitable option for your bathroom. Another hanging plant idea grows them on stone or wood mounted with a wall hanging plant holder.

Boston Fern – Nephrolepis Exaltata

boston fern

Boston Ferns makes excellent bedroom décor and helps purify the air. You can hang them low away from the ceiling to provide proper air circulation. It loves humid temperatures but can tolerate low humidity. The fronds are featherly creating a spectacular sight when in a macramé hanging plant holder. You can also place them in the living room and be pet-friendly.

Chenille Plant – Acalypha Hispida

chenille plant

This plant works well in a macramé plant hanger for the dining room as it can reach great lengths when given proper care. By pruning it back, it promotes growth to keep them healthy. The fuzzy red flower clusters together. In turn, it makes a splashing entrance in the home. Therefore, if you entertain a lot, this plant works well if you need a pop of color. The best is to hang them high from traffic areas and work well as an outdoor hanging plant.

Pitcher Plant – Nepenthes

Nepenthes izumiae

To brighten up the kitchen, this plant is carnivorous and prefers clean moist soil. It has a tall growth with vibrant colored leaves to attract its prey. Placed in the kitchen or your living room is sure to keep unwanted bugs away. The hanging plant works well outdoors and the patio where you host guests to enjoy a meal.

Spider Plant – Chlorophytum Comosum

spider plant

The spider plant will brighten up any living room placed vertically or horizontally. You can quickly fill those empty spots using this plant. It has long, bright leaves that look like ribbons and work well for pet owners. Furthermore, they are easy to care for, and dangling them from wide baskets in a macramé plant hanger is sure to provide some popping color to your place.

A Word from Plantly

You can find many hanging plants with flowers or without hanging in a macramé plant holder. You can display them around your living space to add vibrant sparkles to any place. So why not start a DIY indoor hanging plant holder project and add some healthy fresh air with color to your home today.

Whether you want to buy, sell or simply reach out to other plant enthusiasts, Plantly is the right place to be!

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