Best Trellis for Climbing Plants

Trellis can create artwork in your living space or add a privacy screen to your patio or backyard. The trellis is great for climbing plants to grow and adding color to any living space. Today we look at some of the frameworks for your climbing plants.

What to Consider in Choosing a Trellis for Climbing Vines

trellis for vining plants

No matter what climbing plants you have, whether it is climbing roses, passion flowers, or any other best climbing plant, they need to be displayed. If you have climbing plants, you can attach the vines to a trellis for a dreamy look.

The best part is there is no shortage of ideas regarding supporting your flowering vines. Still, how do you choose the correct climbing structure for your climbing hydrangea or climbing vegetables?

Here are some Plantly helpful tips you can look at:

  • First, the trellis you choose for your honeysuckle, bougainvillea, or morning glories must be sturdy to support your flowering vine weight.

  • Next, please choose the best trellis needed to suit your plant when it comes to climbers. The reason is that some vines cling to a structure while others wrap themselves around it. Hence, it helps to know what flowering trellis plants or climbing plants you have.

  • Another consideration is how the decorative feature is displayed and how you plan to use it. For example, you can find a wall-mounted trellis to ones used for vertical gardening. In addition, you can find many trellis ideas to place one against brick walls in a planter box or even trellis panels.

  • Furthermore, consider the climate you live in as the material is vital if it stands in full sun, in the front yard, or in any outdoor spaces it needs weatherproofing.

  • Lastly, you want a stylish option allowing your sweet peas, pole beans, or other plants to climb high while still fitting in with the surroundings.

List of Trellis for Plants To Grow

Great now that you know the basics of selecting the best trellis for your garden or pergola. There are different types you can choose for your climber or vining outdoor or even indoor plants.

A Homemade Crop Trellis for Climbing Roses


Whether you have a veggie garden with sweet beans or clematis to sweet pea to display, you can make your trellis. All you need are basic supplies from two powder-coated steel or wooden vertical supports for your gardening.

Go ahead and pound them into the soil about a foot deep and space them up to six feet apart. You can suspend mesh or even net between the two supports with some nails, zip-ties, or staples with wire.

Trellis Ladder for Trellis Flowering Plants

trellis ladder

You can find an affordable ladder to stick to the ground or even a planter box for your climbing plants. Or you can lean it against the wall for your trumpet vine plants to grow and climb to their heart’s content.

A Flat Trellis

moveable trellis

The trellis has a portable structure you can move around when nothing grows on it. These types of frames work well with climbing roses or passion flowers. Match your trellis up with the growth potential of plants.

You do not want your roses all tangled to get diseases, so snake the plant horizontally instead of pushing them vertically.

Arches Trellis

arches trellis

Another fantastic option for flowering vines is the arch trellis. It looks similar to a doorway and is sure to make a statement. So, you can let your best climbing plants trail up this structure. It will even look great with the passion flower.

Obelisk Trellis

You can make different statements using the obelisk in decorations. You can plant them in a flower garden in a growing container. Choosing the right size is crucial as you do not want a small trellis overwhelmed when plants grow. You find them in steel to wood versions and can handle full sun.

A-Frame Trellis

The options are perfect if you want to make a homemade trellis for your morning glory. It looks similar to a teepee trellis that has three stakes, but it only has two pieces instead.

You can plant on each side of it to see your plants grow, developing flowers coloring up the space.

With the teepee trellis, you stick one end of each in the ground at a slight angle and affix them together. You can choose metal bamboo, to wood.

The Wall Mounted Trellis

wall mounted trellis

It is a permanent fixture; yes, it attaches to a wall. Your climbing plants will trail up the base, and it is great to hide a wall outside or inside.

A Trellis With a Modern Touch

modern touch trellis

Add a pop of color with a modern-designed wall trellis to give your place a trendy touch. You find them in sleek designs that work well for vertical gardens on a fence or wall. You see them made of steel with a stainless steel cable and water-resistant powder-coated touch.

The HoneyComb Trellis

The trellis is ideal for creating a living wall in your house. You can use it for plants like pothos, adding a green touch to your living space. You find the structure made with stainless steel in a matte black or even bold finish.

A Copper Trellis

copper trellis

This trellis will surely add an earthy tone to your yard and garden. You can go all rustic with copper and vine patterns with your best climbing plants.

The Planter Box Trellis

planter box trellis

If you do not have a garden, you can create a free-standing garden with this trellis. It has a planter box and trellis that works well for gardeners who love planting climbers.

Are you ready to invest in the best trellis for your vining plants? Then check out our superb selection here? You can even shop for the best trellis plants while browsing for a structure to provide the best climbing support for your indoor and outdoor plants.

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