Hoya Krimson Queen Plant Care

Don’t have any queens yet in your botanical garden? Then you should get this Hoya Krimson Queen plant!

Hoya krimson queen is a variegated wax plant native to Southeast Asia (Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Polynesia). It has been found and nurtured in Australia as well. Hoyas are among the fast-growing indoor flowering plants which are easy to take care of.

They are a genus of more than 300 species of tropical plants in the Apocynaceae family. Hoyas are commonly called waxplant, waxvine, or simply hoya.

The table below is the basic information about the hoya krimson queen. 

krimson hoya queen

Hoya Krimson Plant Care Basics

hoya krimson queen plantThe hoya krimson queen should be given appropriate care. The gardeners should be fully aware of how to take care of this variegated wax plant. Complete knowledge of the hoya krimson queen care guides the gardeners on providing the plant an excellent growing condition.

This would allow the plant to grow healthy while manifesting its full beauty. Giving the right hoya krimson queen care will be helpful for the plant’s growth, even it was planted indoors. The following are the care tips on how to take care of the hoya krimson queen properly.

Best Potting Mix

potting mix

The soil requirement of the hoya krimson queen is a well-draining soil type that is very loose and has an excellent potting mix. The soil can be mixed with organic materials such as peat moss, perlite, gravel, vermiculite, humus, charcoal, perlite, orchid bark, etc. There should be a soil mix or potting mix to aid the plant in achieving its required optimal condition to survive and thrive.

Although, not all these materials can be added to a mix (organic materials may vary upon availability). However, these organic materials also help the plant prevent getting too wet, which will eventually result in root rot.

These organic materials retain enough water, provide nourishment, prevent excess water from pooling on the topsoil, and help the excess water drains quickly. Also, these organic materials give an airy feeling to the soil- enough for the plant’s roots to grow well or not suffocate.

orchid bark

You can buy an orchid potting mix when you have enough budget to buy the best quality soil. The orchid potting mix is available in the nearest garden store in your community. At the same time, the airy feeling needed by the plant’s roots can rest assured.

Watering Needs

The water requirement of the hoya krimson queen is a medium amount of water. Enough for the plant to gain moisture. However, a medium amount of water ensures that the krimson queen has enough stored water for the plant’s development.

Be sure to not overwater the plant. Overwatering can cause numerous diseases and complications to the plant’s growth and health. In addition to that, overwatering the plant can also result in its death.

Also, underwatering the plant should be highly discouraged. Underwatering the plant can cause wilting, and malnourishment, and turn the green leaves into yellow or brown leaves. To prevent this, you must water the plant once again when it started to dry up to restore the required moisture to the plant.

Reduce the frequent watering of the plant every winter and fall season. These seasons make the plant in dormant status and the plant takes more time to absorb the water.

However, you can water the plant frequently every spring and summer season. These seasons make the moisture dry up easily so water is highly needed these seasons.

Ideal Indoor Lighting

hoya lighting requirementThe lighting requirement of the hoya krimson queen should be a bright indirect light. The bright indirect light helps the plant survive and thrive without any complications for its growth, leaves, and health.

Since the plant has been discovered and is naturally known to be thriving in the rainforest, they don’t need direct sunlight to light up themselves.

Filtered sunlight or bright indirect light is the only preferable light requirement for the plant. These preferable lighting conditions are only available near the east-facing window, filtered plant nursery, or a partially shaded area in the garden. These aforementioned lighting conditions can give the best condition for the plant to survive and thrive.

It is important to note that the direct sun can cause the plant to scorch its leaves as it will be exposed to it. The plant needs only certain lighting conditions, and the gardeners must know that they should not exceed. The plant’s health and green leaves will be directly affected by the complications offered by direct sunlight exposure.

The hoya krimson queen is not ideal for being placed

in an area where it could not receive enough sunlight, or the site may be fully shaded. A fully shaded area with no lighting conditions can make the plant feel soggy and will turn the plant yellow. These feelings can cause stress and malnourishment in the hoya krimson queen system.

A fully shaded or darkroom is the worst place for the plant; it will cause it to shrink in size, wilt, or be unproductive.

If the hoya krimson queen is treated as an indoor plant, be sure that the plant can still get all its bare necessities, particularly the lighting source (for the plant to make photosynthesis). Treating the said houseplant into an indoor plant can cause the hoya krimson queen to be protected from the volatile radiance of the sun.

When treated as an indoor plant, do not forget to install artificial lights or any lighting source that could give the recommended warmth for the plant. However, you need to place the plant to the lights indirectly. In addition to that, follow the specific hours of the morning that the plant actually required.

Ideal Temperature 

plant temperature requirementThe temperature requirement of the hoya krimson queen is the same as that of the tropical temperature. The hoya krimson queen is known to be a tropical plant. Meaning that it could only best thrive and tolerate conditions where the temperature is on 15-30 c or 59-86 f.

These recommended temperatures are enough for the hoya carnosa variegata to survive and thrive well in the area where it was planted.

The below and above temperatures can give complications and stress on the hoya krimson queen. However, the difficulties are only a minor consequence of the hoya krimson queen care. If the temperature goes too high, consider placing the hoya krimson queen in a temporary place where it could get its warm temperature.

Treat your hoya krimson queen as an outdoor plant during spring and summer. On the other hand, the krimson queen is best placed indoors during the winter and fall seasons. However, it would help if you were extra watchful every season as a sudden increase or decrease in temperature could give you a hint when is the right time to place the krimson queen away from its permanent place.

High Humidity Needed

plant humidiferThe humidity requirement of the krimson queen is very high. The very high humidity is what all the tropical plants needed the most. The higher the humidity level, the higher the optimal conditions you are giving on the krimson queen.

High humidity encourages the plant to grow well and to thrive easily, making it easier for propagation for the next year or two.

When planted in a place with a medium level of humidity, the krimson queen can still survive and thrive. However, there will be an enormous difference compared to the tropical plants that grow well with a higher humidity level. Also, the low humidity level is not suitable for the optimal condition needed for the krimson queen to survive and thrive.

To ensure a consistent and higher humidity level, you can use any available techniques and equipment present in your home or buy in the nearest garden store. You may use a humidifier, a container with pebble filled with water, mist, and other techniques to increase the humidity level required for the plant.

Needed Fertilizer 

The fertilizer requirement of the hoya carnosa krimson queen is NPK Fertilizer. The said fertilizer can help the plant grow faster, complete its required nutrition, and solve its vitamin deficiency. The fertilizer may take time for the plant to absorb its nutrients fully.

I highly prefer organic fertilizers for the hoya carnosa krimson queen care because the aforementioned fertilizer has no adverse effects on the plant. In addition to that, organic fertilizers encourage the soil mix or potting mix to be healthy and rich in nutrients.

Summer and spring seasons are the preferable seasons where you could give apply fertilizer for the krimson queen hoya. These seasons are also favorable for the plant as the hoya krimson princess survives and thrives easily in these seasons. At the same time, these seasons are the best propagating seasons.

During fall and winter, you must not give or minimally give the hoya carnosa krimson queen fertilizer. These seasons, the hoya carnosa krimson queen usually sleeps or on dormant. Excessive fertilizer application to the hoya carnosa krimson queen can stick the salt or any chemicals that poison the krimson queen hoya.


The wax plant Hoya carnosa has a variegated cultivar called Hoya’ Krimson Queen.’ Hoyas from the ‘Krimson Queen’ variety have non-woody stems that propagate quickly in water or potting soil. The lovely trailing plants with white and bright pink leaves also make beautiful gifts.

Here’s how to propagate hoya tricolor:

Spring and summer are favorable seasons to propagate your Hoya plant. You can propagate hoya variegata in Autumn or Winter, but it will take much longer to get new growth.

Take a 6-inch (15-cm) clipping from a stem right below a node to propagate the ‘Krimson Queen.’ Make sure there are two or three nodes in the cutting. Lower waxy leaves should be removed. If you’d like to enhance the root growth, put your cutting in rooting hormone or cinnamon.

Then place the cut end of the hoya’s stem in water or a potting soil mix suited for it. The stem should be rooted after four weeks, and you can transplant it to a larger pot.

Growth Zone

The variegated hoya carnosa plant or the hoya tricolor plant can grow about 20 feet. The hoya plants’ ideal seasons are the spring and summer seasons. It also needs a bright light-facing window. This succulent-like plant can be planted in hanging baskets.

It is important to maintain the plant’s healthy since the spider mites can take advantage of the weaker star-shaped leaves of the plant.

It can be propagated through stem cuttings; however, we can leave some star-shaped leaves in order to encourage new growth for the plant. It can be best propagated in either spring or summer season, which is the growing season of the plant.

The spring or summer season is considered the growing season for the plant. Increase humidity during these seasons to maintain the optimal condition for the plant.


Any pot is recommended for the plant such as the hanging baskets. However, you must choose a pot that will avoid the roots from getting root-bound.

Hoya Krimson Queen Varieties and Similar Plants

There are approximately 300-450 species of hoya plants. One of which is the wax plant. Here are some of the examples of hoya species or varieties that have a bit similarity to the queen hoya krimson:

Hoya Carnosa

hoya carnosa plantThe primary (green) form of Hoya Carnosa is less common than many of its excellent hybrids (of which there is a ridiculous number). The foliage can be plain, variegated, crinkled, or otherwise textured. The blooms are long-lasting, fuzzy clusters of fragrant stars.

Hoya Pubicalyx

hoya pubicalyx plantPubicalyx is a hardy twining vine that can trail or climb, but it’s a little unruly: you may spend time unwinding the plant from its neighbors. It’s one of the fastest-growing Hoyas and very easy to propagate – just put a cutting in water.

Hoya Kerrii

hoya kerrii plant This plant, otherwise known as a Sweetheart Hoya or Lucky Heart, is commonly sold as a single, heart-shaped leaf planted in a small pot. The bright emerald green color of the cute, rounded leaves makes them popular St. Valentine’s Day gifts.

Hoya Macrophylla

This large, rambling species is prized most especially for its waxy, light green, vein-patterned foliage. Their pointed oval leaves have an interesting 3-D texture. Prominent pale veins run longitudinally across a network of horizontally laid smaller veins.

Hoya Krimson Queen Diseases & Pests

This variegated house plants are easy to take care of and don’t need much attention to any other flowering plants. However, this plant does not have an excuse for having or getting any plant disease or pets, so we better be familiar ourselves with to properly give them the best care.


Sap-sucking houseplant pests may harm your variegated hoya wax plant. Mealybugs, aphids, and spider mites are common pests that affect the ‘Krimson Queen’ hoya. If you discover evidence of plant pests, apply a neem oil solution to the hoya stems and waxy leaves to quickly eliminate the bugs.


Saturating it in water can cause root rot, which is fatal to ‘Krimson Queen’ plants. Wilting growth or squishy, black stems, especially in root-bound near the soil line, are symptoms of dying roots. If you see evidence that your variegated pink and creamy white-leaved hoya is fading, it’s critical to change the pot as soon as possible.

Only water the succulent-like plant when the top layer of soil is dry to avoid disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under proper conditions, Hoya Krimson Queen is a stunningly gorgeous and fast-growing Hoya. Although this is a low-maintenance hoya plant, hydration is an essential aspect of Hoya Krimson Queen care.

In brilliant, filtered light, the ‘Krimson Queen’ thrives. The variegated pink and creamy-white leaves of the hoya require plenty of natural light to stay in their colors. The Hoya Krimson Queen’s new leaves are generally a beautiful pink color, and some of the leaves can turn completely white.

Insufficient light is the most typical reason for a Hoya’s failure to grow. To thrive, most Hoyas prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Root damage from poor drainage or overwatering, as well as stressors like pests, low humidity levels, adaptation, and fertilization challenges, can all halt the growth of a Hoya

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