7 Indoor Plants for Modern Decor

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Whether you’re a plant parent or not admit it,  entering into a modern home without plants seemed to lack signature. If you’re here, I’m guessing you’re planning to bring your modern home to the next level!

If you’re looking to add greenery to all your living rooms, you’re in luck! We’ve carefully chosen a list of 5 modern plants that will not only liven up your living space but also create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

From trendy tree plants to stylish snake plants, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover our top picks and bring some life to your home today.

7 Indoor Plants for Modern Home Decor

Fiddle Leaf Fig ( Ficus lyrata )

two fiddle leaf fig plant in a living room

Fiddle-leaf fig trees are popular indoor plants that greatly impact an empty space. The fact that it’s a tree, you don’t need a large piece of furniture to fill an empty corner or a monotonous section in your living room.
If your home has a large entrance and high ceilings, the fiddle leaf fig tree is the perfect, natural signature of art for a noticeable entrance or a stand-alone shocker to your living room.

You can never turn a blind eye to its big, curly, and attractive foliage that makes you feel jealous of the compliment this plant receives. The ficus fig tree is clearly an intimidating yet gorgeous work of art.

No wonder almost all modern homes include this stunning tree in their interior design.

Fiddle leaf fig appreciates bright light. A sunny window would be an ideal place for this tree to sit. You can also invest in a humidifier to increase the humidity or simply mist them during a hot summer day. Fertilize them once a month during their growing season to promote healthy growth and strong branches.

Fiddle leaf fig tree is best grown indoors for a more aesthetic living room appeal.

Fiddle-leaf fig plants may tolerate direct sunlight when they’re fully mature, but with young plants, bright, indirect light should be ideal. I tried putting my juvenile fiddle leaf fig outside under full, afternoon sun and it burnt all the foliage! 😔

Monstera Deliciosa 

indoor monstera deliciosa

The monster of all monstera plants. M. deliciosa is a climbing plant with beautiful, large green foliage with fenestration. This is a popular houseplant in any modern household as it turns any living room into a modern, tropical- look vibe.  

Monstera deliciosa will thrive indoors providing you with clean air and a natural design, that will truly captivate any visitors or even yourself. One monstera cultivar is bringing the plant community to the next level by adding some colors to its foliage, the Monstera thai constellation. Thai constellation is a doctored Monstera deliciosa with yellow variegation on its leaves, and it’s native to a laboratory in Thailand.

You may find the thai constellation appealing due to its variegation but nothing can compare to the classic Deliciosa’s prototype. Good genes never lie my friend 😉.

This plant appreciates a well-draining rich soil mix and bright, indirect light. Do not place this plant near a sunny window without a sheer curtain for it will burn its foliage. Monstera deliciosa can tolerate low light settings but make sure to expose them to a bright, indirect light every once in a while.

Snake Plants ( Dracaena trifasciata )

indoor snake plant and fiddle leaf fig near a glass window

Also called the mother-in-law’s tongue. Snake plants are a classic that never runs out of style. They are always present in any contemporary to modern interiors due to their columnar, thick structure, fundamental to any support, or interior design in the homes.

According to a 10 years certified Interior Designer Julie Khuu, you can use snake plants as a decorative piece if you have a smaller doorway in your house. Group at least 3-4 potted snake plants that add texture and style to your home entrance for a dramatic effect.

Dracaena trifasciata are succulent plants that can store water in their stems and leaves. This is a perfect plant for busy modern players with hectic schedules. It can thrive in low to medium-light areas in the house. Not surprisingly, this gorgeous, low-maintenance plant is always a choice regarding landscaping and interior design. 

snake plant in the bedroom

Snake plants are also an excellent choice for the bedroom, not just for their prominent appearance but also for their air-purifying qualities. This plant emits oxygen at night, making it ideal for improving air quality while you sleep.

To make your snake plant happy, use a well-draining potting mix, expose them to bright, indirect light ( Although they can tolerate full sun and low-level light too ), and ONLY water them when the soil is COMPLETELY dry.

If you don’t have snake plants present in your modern, interior design, oh boy you’re missing the point.

Rubber Tree Plant  ( Ficus elastica )

rubber tree plant inside a modern home

Another plant tree will transform your monotonous space into an urban, indoor jungle feels. Its big, glossy, and thick dark leaves will always be superior to any other foliage. If your house has a high ceiling with glass windows, ficus elastica, and ficus lyrata trees would be ideal as interior living decoration.

In reality, rubber tree plants can stand direct sunlight. You can see them in tropical areas growing outside, along the street, or even in the front yard but they can grow indoors too. In fact, they’ve become so popular in interior design.

Rubber tree plants are not finicky in terms of special, indoor TLC. As long as you have a well-draining potting mix, adequate watering, and are situated in a bright, indirect light corner, it will surprise you with healthy growth.

We have an interesting article on Types of Rubber Tree Plants that you can reference if you want some colored rubber trees in your living room.

Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens)

potted areca palm

Areca palm is a wonderful addition to any living room, as it is a low-maintenance plant that can add a touch of tropical elegance to any space. With its graceful fronds and slender trunk, this plant can bring a sense of calm and relaxation to a room, making it a perfect addition to bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas where people go to unwind.

One of the best things about areca palm is that it is versatile and can work well with a variety of interior design styles. It can complement minimalist or industrial decor with its clean linear foliage and sculptural shape, or add a touch of warmth to a more traditional or bohemian space.

It is also easy to care for and can tolerate a range of light levels, making it a great choice for people who are new to indoor gardening.

In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the areca palm is also known for its ability to purify the air. It can remove harmful pollutants from the air, helping to create a healthier environment for people to live and work in.

Well-draining potting mix, bright, indirect light, and room temperature will make your Areca palm happy and thriving.

Philodendron Vines

philodendron micans vine

Vining philodendrons are becoming popular in any modern, living room household. These plants are resilient, undemanding, and easy to propagate ( stem cuttings ). Philodendron brasil, Philodendron micans, Philodendron brandtianum, and Philodendron cordatum ( heart-leaf philodendron ) are a few vining philodendrons that will bring your interior design to the next level.

These gorgeous modern plants thrive in bright indirect light as they’re native to the tropical canopy rainforests of South America. Use a well-draining mix that will retain moisture ( they love that ) and increase humidity at home by investing in a humidifier.

Vining plants can also be used as fillers when you’re making a living wall or an indoor jungle oasis. You can make use of hanging planters if plant shelving is not your first choice. With those living curtains hanging from a ceiling or bookshelves, there’s nothing more scenic compared to a four-wall concrete space filled with furniture only.

Succulents and Cacti

succulents and cacti in a white background

Succulents and cacti have become increasingly popular choices in interior design. Their unique characteristics and low-maintenance nature make them ideal additions to any living room.

Their striking appearance adds a touch of beauty and visual appeal to any room. With their intriguing shapes, textures, and vibrant colors, succulents and cacti can serve as stunning focal points or as complementary accents to existing décor.

Whether placed on a windowsill, a shelf, or in a hanging planter, these plants effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of any living room.

Succulents and cacti are known for their resilience. They are extremely hardy and can tolerate a wide range of conditions, including low light and inconsistent watering. This makes them ideal choices for busy people as they require minimal care and attention.

Their ability to thrive in dry conditions also means they can withstand the typical indoor needs found in homes and offices.

Another advantage of succulents and cacti is their space-saving qualities. They have small sizes and don’t require large pots or vast rooting systems, they can be placed in small corners, on shelves, or even on top of your living room center table. This versatility allows for creative and efficient use of space, especially in urban settings where space is often limited.

Check this article on why succulents and cacti are the best indoor plants to know more.


When it comes to interior design with plants, there are a lot of different species to choose from based on your preferences and vibes.

Besides, these plants are not hard to take care of! All you need to do is learn some ground rules and apply them. Having a green thumb will never be an issue for you with these gorgeous, yet easy plants to take home.

When it comes to nuts and bolts,  only you can choose the types of plants you want to bring to your home. Plantly, is just here to help you determine which ones are easy and can create a modern junglelow vibe.

Whether you want to buy, sell or simply reach out to other plant enthusiasts, Plantly is the right place to be!

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