Plants For Your Kitchen to Decorate and Use

When you say “kitchen” the first associations are cooking, appliances, and dishes. Rarely do you say “kitchen” and think “plants”. But why not “plants for your kitchen”?!

This is why we are here – to get you thinking outside of the box a bit.

Kitchen plants are a thing, and they can do wonders for your interior.

Here are some indoor kitchen plants for you to choose from – we divided them into two sections -herbs and decorative plants.

Herbs for Your Kitchen

Herb Plants

By planting growing herbs in your kitchen you kill two birds with one stone – you give your kitchen a dose of greenery and you have your fresh herbs just a pinch away.

Growing herbs in your kitchen are best if you have a window to place the herbs on.

Most of them do not like shade and need sunlight to grow.

Depending on which ones you would like to grow pick a south-facing (for the Mediterranean plants such as oregano) or east/west-facing windows (e.g. for parsley).

North-facing windows are too cold for herbs.

In this case, or if you do not have any windows in your kitchen try grow lights.

When it comes to choosing the soil pick a well-draining one.

You can put your herbs in small containers and have your own adorable indoor herb garden.

Most of those herbs smell very nice and you will have your kitchen scented perfectly at all times which makes herbs the best plants for the kitchen.

Pick one of these:

  • Parsley – an essential herb in any cuisine, it can be used to make tea as well
  • Oregano – one of the most versatile herbs – from Italian to Central American cuisines
  • Basil – used in Italian-based cuisine, it mixes well with tomato sauce, and fresh goes perfectly with tomato salad.
  • Rosemary – great in making flavored oil, goes well with all kinds of meat
  • Mint – from tea to refreshing summer beverages, lemonades, and even with making cakes, mint does it all
  • Thyme – like Parsley, it mixes with almost everything, and it looks charming-almost like a houseplant

Decorative Plants for Your Kitchen

And here are some of the best kitchen plants.

1. Pothos

Golden Pothos

Pothos is one of those plants that do not require much of anything as long as you keep it away from the direct sunlight that might hurt its delicate foliage.

If you have a northern-facing kitchen window it is a good place for it.

You can also keep it anywhere in the kitchen and even if your kitchen does not have a source of natural light.

Pothos plants do quite well even in very dark areas.

If you want hanging plants in the kitchen, Pothos is great for that since it is a vine and if you do not prune, it will cascade down your shelves.

Water it once a week and be careful not to overwater (check the moisture with your finger).

Pothos can look modern in glass containers filled only with water.

2. Air plant

Air plants

A beginner-friendly plant for a sunny kitchen – air plants are one of the most fascinating little plants you can have in your home.

They are sold or placed in a glass ball, a piece of wood, or small pots in string hangers and they do not require any watering or soil.

This makes them very convenient for a kitchen-you can move them if they get in the way, and they will be perfect for a small kitchen since they do not take up a lot of space.

As for maintenance you should mist occasionally or run it underwater from time to time and then let it dry out naturally.

That is all they need to be happy and make your kitchen appear as if it came out of a fantasy story.

To make them happy, place your air plants close to the kitchen window as they require it to grow.

3. African violet

African violet

If you are an experienced plant lover and would like to give your sunny kitchen a bit more light and color you can choose African violet as a window kitchen plant.

You should keep it in your window as it likes direct sunlight.

It requires a more experienced person to handle it since watering it can be tricky – it does not do well with too much or too little water, so you need to pay close attention to its condition every day.

Otherwise, it is a delight having it in your kitchen as it brightens up space, and as a plus, i is not toxic to either people or pets.

4. Spider plant

Spider plant

The spider plant is another good choice if you want to keep plants in the kitchen.

It will brighten up any kitchen space as it is very adaptable and can thrive in direct sunlight as well as kitchens with no natural light source.

Besides being easy-going with light, you only need to water it occasionally so it will not be a burden to care for.

An interesting look and low maintenance are not the only things that make the spider plant one of the best kitchen plants – Spider plant is a great air purifier, so you will be free of fumes, smells, and even pollutants.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera could be a good choice as one of the kitchen window plants.

It requires a lot of sunlight, although it can survive on less than necessary.

It does not require a lot of watering (it is a cactus, after all) yet the soil you plant it in needs to be a well-draining one.

Why is Aloe Vera a good kitchen plant?

It is edgy-looking and gives your kitchen an interesting appearance.

Aloe Vera is famous for its healing and soothing properties, and having it at hand in your house to make an Aloe Vera mask or put it in your smoothie is great.

Since it calms down inflamed skin, why not keep it in the kitchen so you’ll be able to quickly apply Aloe Vera gel directly to your skin, especially if you burn yourself while cooking?

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